sareer Registered User

I am looking for crepe paper in different colors for an arts and crafts project. Where can I buy this in Dublin?

Rancid Registered User

Evans Art Supplies, just off Capel Street in city centre has everything for arts and crafts and school projects, etc.
5/6 Meetinghouse Lane
Mary's Abbey.

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Jellybaby1 Registered User

I would have thought you'd find crepe paper in any craft store, even Eason's. Evans definitely but also try Art & Hobby shops or any card shops.

looksee Moderator

Be aware that the cheapest is not necessarily the best buy. There can be considerable differences in strength, colour fastness and stretchiness depending on what you need it for.

Rancid Registered User

Just noticed that Lidl have Crepe paper sets on sale from tomorrow, Thursday 16th March.
Brochure says 10 rolls each 0.5 x 2m.
Light and dark colours available.
€3.99 per set.

No idea of quality!

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