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girl in work asked me to help with getting her family car , sorry no good at providing links . Interested to hear peoples opinions on these options - all for €5k.

2007 avensis 1.6 petrol - 102k miles - autodirect cork - are these cars as reliable as people say they are ?

2006 kia sportage 2.0 diesel 2wd- 60k miles - AUTODIRECT CORK - is this mileage too low and likely to cause future problems being a diesel ?

2008 citroen c4 HDI 1.6 - 95K miles - ABS MOTORS CORK - believe their engines are good but are electrics etc. likely to be troublesome ?

thanks in advance

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twin_beacon Registered User

Personally, I'd go for the avensis.

duffman3833 Registered User

does she do many miles?

goochy Registered User

about 13k miles a year , mostly short trips

theoneeyedman Registered User

goochy said:
about 13k miles a year , mostly short trips

Petrol all the way then, the avensis is generally very good, reliable and comfortable enough.

duffman3833 Registered User

theoneeyedman said:
Petrol all the way then, the avensis is generally very good, reliable and comfortable enough.

id second the petrol avensis also.
OP, Is it just them 3 cars or are you open to other cars?

goochy Registered User

yes open to others , they previously had a 2003 audi a4 2.0 petrol but not looking for anything like that specifically

duffman3833 Registered User

Honda accord petrol's are going at good price, there reliable but the only thing is the tax, it is bout 200 higher tax but nicer to look at i think than the avensis

elperello Registered User

Is it this one?
It's a Strata model with a better spec than the run of the mill. Looks clean and the mileage shouldn't be a problem for a 1.6 petrol.

The NCT is up this month so she should ask them to get it done.

Cape Clear Registered User

Just had a look at autodirect there. Also in the market for a car under €5k What are peoples views on this Focus

bazz26 Registered User

Sounds like she doesn't need a diesel and won't benefit from one. 5K is expensive for a 10 year old petrol Avensis, I'd expect to get a 2008 for that money.

Honda Civic saloon and Mazda 6 petrol is worth looking at too:

goochy Registered User

Had a look at all three at lunch , the mileage on citroen should be 140k miles !
the Toyota looked well.

the gear knob on kia was marked but more worryingly the leather ' boot' on lever was badly frayed - is that normal for 60k mile car ?

Golfgorfield Registered User

My Brother has a high spec Avensis 1.6 petrol for sale.
Its high spec 2008 with 110,000km and 2 owners. (low tax)
Nct for another 15mths

Its like new.

not sure of what hes asking but i think its in the region of €5500.

If you want more details PM me.

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goochy Registered User

2008 Volvo s40 1.6 diesel , 124k miles - leather etc. €5,750 . most of the petrols seem to have high enough miles also. opinions ?
even though they currently have a 2 litre petrol ( they were gifted it) they don't want a gas guzzler this time around.
As said it doesn't have to be diesel but some of the petrol options mentioned are unnecessarily thirsty.

Prius - would be worried about future costs after talking to a taxi driver who has a lexus GS450H !

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