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Im in the market for an 840. Since these are getting quite rare I'm just trying every avenue to track down what I'm looking for.

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jimmyd87 Registered User

Thanks for all the replys people. I've seen all of these adds in my recent searches. With prices between 9k - 18500k, they're are all out of the ball park moneywise...some more than others!! Im looking for something thats realistically priced.

GustavoFring Registered User

What do you think it's a realistic price for one? Prices have been on the rise the last few years.

mickdw Registered User

I'd have thought 9k was a good price but I'm certainly no expert on 8 series.
I don't know how much cheaper such a car can be. Get a bad one for 6k and it could cost far far more.

jimmyd87 Registered User

I understand these cars are appreciating and that their value has been increasing steadily, but it really only ertains to the right vehicle.

Taking any reasonable example of one of these machines that has covered nearly 100,000 miles and pumping in several thousand euros in remediation into it doesnt make it a 15-20,000 euro car. An 840 worth that kind of money is a 20-50k original miles example with a full stamped bmwfsh, at least thats the picture I get from searching the uk market at present.

Im looking for something that maybe needs some tlc or has been sat up a while.
Something that I realise will still most likely be several thousand euros worth.

mickdw Registered User

quick look on piston heads would suggest that uk prices are in line with what I would have expected.
10k, 12ķ. 15k upwards with one car at 6.5k.

jimmyd87 Registered User

These prices in the uk mostly reflect lower milage and better overall condition. The english market has better examples and the price index seems to convey this much accurately than the irish market. Here its looks as if any 840 is going to make top dollar is the point im eluding to.

noelf Registered User

Only 69000 miles ..

landmarkjohn Registered User

Just as a complete random thing there was an 8 series parked outside Joe Duffy last Tuesday, looked like it might have been just sitting there... if you were nearby it could be worth a nosey...

jimmyd87 Registered User

Thanks for that, much obliged.

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