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This month some of us might be feeling a bit poorer after the Christmas and new year celebrations. So we want to see what's left in your pockets! Congratulations to Limestone Cowboy for his stone walling in December.

In the past we've had some people saying the competition doesn't suit them, so here's your chance. There's been a few people complaining about big photos, if you are on a laptop perhaps you have the zoom setting bigger than 100%.

There is a star shape on the top right of the screen where you type a web address, if you have the magnifying glass icon with a + sign in it, left click on it and select 'reset to default'. This should reduce the photos so that they can be seen on the screen. To increase the font size again hold the CTRL key down and press the '+' key. It's a useful feature to zoom in on photos/DD ads etc.

Usual rules apply;


Photo must be your own image i.e. taken by you or a family member.
Photo should conform to this month's theme.
You may enter more than once (within reason though, not 100 photos please!)
No chat/banter on this thread please, it will be removed. If you want to discuss what's in the photo take it to chit chat or send a PM to the person who posted it.
Even if the theme isn't strictly farming related, we would like to see the photos to have some tie to farming.
No naughty pictures please.
Final winners will be the photo with the most 'thanks' from a single photo which can be entered any month.

So there are lots of chances guys!

Any questions/queries, please PM blue5000

January Winner- Nekarsulm- 33 thanks.
February Winner- Reggie- 15 thanks.
March Winner- blue5000- 15 thanks.
April (&May) Winner - Brian - 25 thanks.
June Winner- CloughCasey1
July Winners- AntrimGlens & bogman_bass
August Winner-pedigree 6
September Winner Daegone
October Winner Selectamatic - 40 thanks
November winner greysides - 43 thanks
December Winner Limestone Cowboy-27 thanks.
2014 entries

2015 entries

Links for re-sizing etc.

Or just use 'Manage attachments' at the bottom of the 'reply to thread'

Below this is what I found in my pockets this morning. I left my keys out of the photo, I suggest you do the same for security reasons.

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foxy farmer Registered User

I need braces to keep my pants up
The Louis Vitton wallet is a fake I assure you!

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Icelandicseige Registered User

This farming games easy

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Base price Registered User

The cheap glasses are essential at this stage.


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