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My new years resolution is to use public transport less. My target is 4 journeys per week.
Had enough

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Colonel Claptrap said:
In Pearse station. The howth bound DART just went through with no destination displayed on the front or on 3 side carriages.

No big deal. I can just check the display boards on the platform.

3 out of 4 displays showed no information except for the clock. 2 of the clocks showed different times.


In fairness my DART was only 3 minutes late today so that was a bonus.

I think I'll put in a pay claim for the amount of confused tourists I've directed on and off trains.

I don't mind if it's a Dunnes voucher.

Don't mention the war

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Lots of delays Afternoon on 11/01 through Connolly
18.38 Connolly to Rosslare delayed, departed behind DART so further delayed to Bray. 25 mins
17.50 Pearse to Dundalk - 50% capacity, announced in advance, but serious overcrowding. Lots of complaints.
18.10 Pearse to Maynooth delayed due to issues with northbound DARTS.
16.37 Connolly to Rosslare delayed, 15 mins delayed near Bray. Earlier DART delayed and then terminated due to mechanical failure (17.15 approx.)
16.05 Malahide to Greystones failed st Shankhill, 20 mins delays to all northbound and southbound DARTS.
17.13 Pearse to Dundalk delayed as 16.50 Connolly to Belfast 40 mins late

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