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A new year, a new you! The Christmas festivities have finally come to a close and you’re reflecting on 2016.

2017 is now here and we want to hear all about your new year’s safe driving resolutions! Be it slowing down, replacing your worn tyres or working on those bad habits you’ve picked up over the years.

In anticipation of a safer 2017, Liberty Insurance are offering a Drive Safer Kit (containing a warning triangle, torch, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and hi-vis vest) for the best New Year’s safe driving resolutions. #drivesafer

Post them in the thread below and we’ll pick the winner at the end of the month!

Liberty Insurance Ireland are focused on reducing road incidents and promoting safe driving across the country. For more information visit our Safety Centre at for a variety of blog articles, videos and informative infographics!

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How is a warning triangle, torch, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and hi-vis vest a drive safer kit?
None of the listed items will improve safety while driving.

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rgfuller Registered User

My tip - Put mobile devices out of reach so the temptation to answer/look at while driving is removed

cormie Registered User

If you're focused on promoting safe driving, why not reward those who drive safe under your policies?

My fleet policy with you rose from €3,500 per year over 5 years to c€13,500 this year on a policy with no claims.

What you're promoting here is a breakdown safer kit, not a drive safer kit

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Agreed. This is quite simply advertising.

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Muckie Registered User

Drive according to the conditions, doesnt have to be to the speed limits of the speed sign displaying it.

Give a bit more room from the car in front.

Also remember driving can still be  fun.

Happy motoring.

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job seeker Registered User

#drivesafer - obey the laws and common sense should be applied in an every day situations'.

dar83 Registered User


Those policy increases are obviously going towards the new social media team someone cooked up to help build bridges with the public. Enjoy that Liberty policy holders!

How low can you go for a prize? Aaaaand go.

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Supergurrier Registered User

I Had a policy with Quinn years ago, they they became liberty and pricing went crazy overnight unless you were a 42 year old female nurse from Clare called Sharon who drives a 900cc deathbox.

Which im not.

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GustavoFring Registered User

This is probably more for 2018 than 2017 as I've already broken it. 

Had my insurance renewal this week and I've decide I really shouldn't go to liberty for a quote again and then drive shortly after the mild heart attack I'd just had. It's not just my own personal safey I put at risk but also the lives of others. 

I'm really going to try hard next year to follow through on this committment. I'm ashamed of my actions.

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Riva10 Registered User

Nothing but pie in the sky advertising.  Got a Quote from Liberty in December for fully comp.  They were 47% more expensive than the next highest quote. 1.6 Diesel Auto. 62year old and no claims ever.  

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This is a competition thread, please only post entries to the competition. Anything else is off-topic and will be removed from here on in.


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ba_barabus Registered User

Well my new years motoring resolution is going well, so far I've gotten new tyres from a good brand, serviced the car, replaced some worn suspension parts and my dash cam is encouraging me to stay within the speed limits and not record myself being a TWAT. Still hasn't stopped others mind.

Anyway, can I have the kit for my boot?

lotsofthegreen Registered User

Got my car Winter Checked and I will drive legally and 'expect the unexpected'

pa990 Registered User

Drive: Safely, Smoothly, Progressively and Well.

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