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Hi everyone!
We just wanted to let you know in advance about a small change we'll be making. We've been running sponsored posts/threads for different brands for a few years now and they are working out well. At the moment they are displayed on the Homepage and on a selection of forums relative to the offer/brand who are advertising.

Sponsored posts/threads display on the forum view page only at the moment, however we are planning to occasionally replace the leaderboard (top ad) in thread view with a current sponsored post to see how this works/increases views on sponsored content. For the record, it only counts as a 'view' if you click into the actual post, not just by seeing it on the forum view/thread view/homepage. This will be offered as an extra option to those booking a Sponsored Post and will not happen with all of them.

Thread view won't be altered by this and the number of ads on your page won't change either, we're simply replacing the top ad slot with a sponsored post from time to time. It works the same way on forum view currently. Like this one:

We don't have any booked in at the moment but they may start to appear soon. We wanted to let you know before they do appear because although some of you are reading this thinking "Sponsored whats?!", others will spot the change right away when something goes up!

Thanks for reading

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