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A new thread for a new Season. I hope the season brings everybody weather joy and happiness!

Good enough start to Winter here in Dublin 16. -0.7c atm.

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JCX BXC Registered User

-0.4c here in West Clare, no fog, slight frost.

jambofc Registered User

-4 in KK city for the start of winter

ronnie3585 Registered User

-2 in Galway city with dense fog and a decent hoar frost.

Villain Registered User

A nice start to the season with a low of -5.8c this morning.

mickger844posts Registered User

Overnight min -3.7c the coldest temp since 2010 here. Looks like we will have to enjoy these frosts while we can as next week in looking a lot milder overall and less dominated by High Pressure

screamer Registered User

Yep freezing one for sure -6 here this morning carlow/laois/ kilkenny borders high in the hills!

fraxinus1 Registered User

After a bright sunny and frosty start in west Dublin it's turning increasingly misty. Nearly dense enough to be classifies as fog. Temp at Casement at 9am is still -4°

Jimbob1977 Registered User

The mercury in County Limerick was shifting between -4c and -5c at 8.00am

pad199207 Registered User

Low of -5.0c in Kildare

DOCARCH Moderator

Only managed a low of -1.1c here in Dublin 16.

As for this Winter so far, safe to say that it will get warmer from here on!

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InstaSte Registered User

Perfect first morning of Winter. Windscreen required defrosting, I'll take that

Stealthfins Banned

Like a winter wonderland here in the Burren.
The valley is like it was in 2010

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pedigree 6 Registered User

It's 4.5c here in wexford atm. It got down to -3 last night.

The 12.00 met report shows that
Dunsany, meath is 0c
Mt Dillon, Roscommon is -1
and Oak Park, Carlow is -2

I wonder will Oak Park stay below freezing all day?

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InstaSte Registered User

Has there yet been a day in the past week / recently when temps at a station have not gone above freezing?

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