fryup Registered User

We always have a thread about the first cut of the year...but when do you good people do your last cut of the year? lawn is a bit tatty long in patches..should i cut it one more time or will it bring on moss if i cut at this late stage??

D3V!L Registered User

We did our last during the week. It was still growing up until very recently.

Suresanders Registered User

Give it a cut Top setting on the mower.

Srameen Registered User

I never know when the last cut will be. I have cut the lawn in December when it was mild and dry. I cut last week and will cut next week again if the weather keeps like this. All high cuts at this time of year, lf course.

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secman Registered User

Cut ours last Friday , got 3 bin loads and again on Monday as there was growth on it, just over a bin load. Hopefully the cold weather this week curtailed the growth . The main reason I cut it on Monday was to get it back down for the cold snap and knowing rain was due for weekend .

Hoof Hearted2 Registered User

No such thing as last cut or first cut for that matter, you simply cut your lawn whenever it needs to be cut and you cut at the appropriate height for the time of year. E.g. this time of year the cutting height should be raised so you are just trimming the top 1 or 2mm of the lawn and are getting rid of the uneven look that happens when we have the sporadic growth the occurs during the winter months, also if you have leaves on your lawn it's a good idea to use the mower to collect them.

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pawrick Registered User

mine needs a cutting right now, temps have gotten lower so not much growth left but it's too wet to do without constant clogging.

tampopo Registered User

I will do one more, I think.

I've seen waterways Ireland cut grass on Dec 7th.

Srameen Registered User

I cut mine yesterday but I'm not assuming I'm done for the year yet by any means.

jaffa20 Registered User

I cut last weekend and it has put on some growth in a week. I think weather permitting, i might get another cut done by end of Nov. I think grass still grows over winter but at a slower rate.

Anatom Registered User

I'll do mine again this coming weekend. Its last cut was the weekend before last, so after raking all of the leaves off it first, it'll get another go with the lawnmower then. Hopefully it won't be the last cut of the year though as there seems to be a bit of growth there still.

NIMAN Registered User

Cut mine last week and there has been next to no growth since.

So I think maybe one final cut might do it now in the next week or so. Then a spreading of Autumn feed.

secman Registered User

Cut it again on Sunday, just the one bin load, which was surprising beating on mind the low temperature.

tampopo Registered User

Cut on Monday last, before the rain. Set at 75mm. Will get one more cut in I think.

veetwin Registered User

Cut lots of grass today. Plenty of growth since the last cut about 3 weeks ago. Surely it will stop growing soon. Winters definitely appear to be getting much shorter.

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