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Hi there guys hoping someone can shine some light on this little problem.
Bought a bundle of snes games and 4 out of the 5 games would not load.
So i cleaned the contacts of all games and opened up and cleaned out the consoles.
Tried the 4 games again and the same thing none of the four games would work,
so I took out two other consoles cleaned them and retested them and still the same nothing working.
Here is what was happening,
1) Zelda would load to the nintendo logo then play a second of sound then freeze (same on all 3 consoles)
2) Zombies would not load at all no logo nothing(same on all 3 consoles)
3) Ghoul Patrol would not load at all no logo nothing (same on all 3 consoles)
4) Street fighter 2 would load the 1st logo then 1-2 secs of sound then freeze (same on all 3 consoles)

Any one have any ideas as to what is wrong as i'm stumped.

Thanks In advance

Alcoheda Registered User

Maybe the game backup battery needs replacing

Hank Scorpio Registered User

Bad battery wouldn't cause the game to freeze(sf2 has no battery), all it would do is not save correctly.

If the games were dirty they would generally just display a black screen, are you using an original power supply with your snes?

Burzum Registered User

I tried 1 original and 2 3rd party, games were given a thorough clean with isopropyl alcohol and cotton bud, took off a bit of dirt but left them spotless and cartridge slots in the 3 different consoles were clean aswell.

Hank Scorpio Registered User

Strange, you could pick up these to inspect the pcbs to make sure nothing funny is going on(assuming other games work fine). Would make cleaning much easier also


Can't think of anything else

Burzum Registered User

I have a game bit and opened all carts up also checked ones with batteries for corrosion and checked for broken trace or some such but no all looked perfect.

KeRbDoG Registered User

The power supply, is it original or a generic multi-volt jobie?

Burzum Registered User

Three psu's were used one original and 2 3rd party ones.

o1s1n Registered User

Any chance they're import games? If you were trying to run Japanese games on a stock PAL console you can run into issues like this due to the region lockout.

Burzum Registered User

1st thing i checked, got them from a trusted seller on adverts, I sent them back and he has tested them on his system and sent me pictures showing them working.

So i am very puzzled as to the problem, could it be i have 3 faulty consoles even tho all my other games run 1st time on all 3 or is it that i just didn't clean them enough (unlikely but could happen i suppose)

o1s1n Registered User

Chances of you having three faulty consoles are slim to none when it comes to the Super Nintendo, they really are very hardy. Unless they were all stored in a damp area together and then shorted something when turned on. But you said one of the games runs fine so that's not the issue.

The likelihood of having that many games with booting issues is also unlikely and would usually be indicative of the console being at fault. I've about 100 -150 snes carts and none of them have given boot issues after a good clean. Plus your ones apparently boot okay in the seller's console.

So then the power supply would be the only thing left really, as you said you've only the one official one and two third party ones.

Are the third party one specifically made for the Super Nintendo or are they generic ones you bought in a shop?

I wonder is it possible that your official power supply is broken and the two 3rd party ones aren't compatible with the console?

edit - but then you did say your other games worked fine with them.

Hmmm. Get the rubbing alcohol out again

Burzum Registered User

One console came with a 3rd party plug and another i bought awhile back off of ebay and have had no problem with it, the original plug i have only had for around 1 month but there were no problems what so ever loading or playing games up until trying those 4 carts.

Burzum Registered User

Games are on there way back to me so i will retest and see what happens, and if they all work then i wont ask any more questions.

I'l also keep en eye out for a good deal on original psu's and stay away from generic ones just in case.

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magentis Registered User

I would try cleaning the contacts on the games again.Sometimes ipa just isnt enough.A pencil eraser or some of that brasso wadding first then a lint free cloth with some ipa,usually does the trick.If your other games work fine in the three consoles it must be the new games.

o1s1n Registered User

Yeah those crumbly type erasers really do the trick.

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