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any figures on United States match rates?

I heard match rate is poor, and students are banned from sitting usmle if they do poorly.

Unfortunately UL isn't eligible for funding for US students due to poor usmle exam scores in the past.

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Riaa said:
Hi! I didn't want to start a new thread for this as I suppose it seems to be a big difference between UL and UCC - I am just wondering if anyone knows why UL do not offer a BAO when all other Irish GEM courses do? Does this make the course inferior ? Would this hinder a UL GEM graduates chances at ever specializing in Obstetrics?

I'm kicking myself for only realizing the lack of a BAO now and wondering if putting UL before UCC on my CAO was a huge mistake!!

I am a UL grad, the BAO as part of the degree is historical, all MD degree's in Ireland are identical, so don't worry, you will still get to deliver babies in UL!

UL vs UCC , honestly you can't make a wrong choice, UL is PBL, UCC is very didactic, so I would base it on whether you want to be spoon fed the info or you are happy to do it yourself, you will enjoy both courses equally and everywhere has pros and cons, and these are different to every person...I know it seems like a big deal picking colleges but you will have a great time no matter where you go, all medical schools are accredited by the medical council so you will not get any more or less of a degree in any college and it will be the fastest 4 years of your life.

As for the matching/forgien students, there is no issues at all with applying for jobs in Ire/UK, it is as literaly just applying to the health system online and if you are EU you will almost definitely get a job in the UK or Ireland so you don't need any support for that. UL offers a USMLE course for US exams and that overlaps alot with the canadian exams and UL has quite a good matching rate. There was an issue about people under performing in the USMLEs which occurred because alot of students were doing the USMLEs for the sake of it to keep options open and did poorly. The college have addressed this and now I think they give you practice exams and only allow you sit the USMLE as part of the college if you meet a certain score. So that wasn't a reflection on the college, it was just non motivated students sitting the exams because they didn't necessarily need them.

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