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Seaswimmer said:
Yes. Strange. You have probably seen the pictures on the Tannus page so it looks like you do have a narrower rim or one with thicker sidewalls.

Maybe a trip to Dun Laoghaire to ask them to have a look??

Edit: Just noticed your location so DL not an option!!

I compared with another rim which has the same external width of <>19mm and the orange one fits snugly in perpendicular to the rim. It's a crappy old rim I'd be reluctant to commit the tyre to, but I gave it five minutes of trying to lever one part of the tyre inside the rim but there was no way it was fitting. The flat part on the inside of the tyre is <>16mm and it doesn't compress very much so I think this is probably the minimum inside rim measurement necessary for this tyre. It's a pity this is the hardest measurement to actually take.

Absolute best case scenario is that the 23 tyre would fit with the red clips, and I 'only' lose 40 pounds on delivery if they allow an exchange but I have my doubts and could easily end up 200 quid in the hole with nothing but tears to show for it. Trading in the rims seems like the best solution if I can find a place willing to do it.

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magicbastarder said:
what function do the pins perform?

They go through the tyre and hold it in place on the rim. There are holes every few cms for a pin. Each end of the pin sits under the "overhang" on the rim.

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I've found someone selling a pair of Mavic cxp33 622x15c which would suit my needs. They originally and with a 9 speed set of cogs. Would a 7 speed set likely fit and is it difficult to switch them over?

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Alek said:
I have a dental caliper to measure rim wall thickness. All of my wheels had rims walls between 1.5 and 1.7mm when new, afair...
Apologies for going off topic but what would a worn rim measure at Alek?

(I have 'retired' several sets of wheels that were otherwise working perfectly but have what I think are well worn rims. Problem is I don't really know if I'm being over-cautious.)

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Wishbone Ash said:
Apologies for going off topic but what would a worn rim measure at Alek?

It's something I've picked up from an article by Chris Juden in CTC's Cycle magazine, but I can't find an an online reference, & couldn't in in 2010. [...]

Chris concluded that failure occurred typically with a rim thickness of 0.7mm & advised that it would be unwise to ride with a thickness less than 1.0 mm.


Also, worth checking 2 posts with pictures at the bottom of page 2.

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