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2nd time out after knee op, much much WORSE than 1st time out...don't really understand why, but the last few km of this was horrible,  slowest I've ridden since I got this bike 5 years ago.  Started with 100m of ascent, possibly that was my mistake.  Anyway ended up with 24kms, 22kph average, 350 metres ascent.  It gets better, right?  Strava of shame

smacl Registered User

colm18 said:
I'm a decade behind you and can only dream of having a 29 km/h average on a bad day (or even a good day)

Worse still, I'm a bit more than a decade ahead of Daroxtar in age and almost a decade behind in kph. Not good. Probably even leaving it a bit late for the coke and hookers....

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smacl Registered User

Whatever you care to say about the Irish weather, we certainly have lots of it. Coming up Pine forest road at lunch I hit a heavy hail shower while still in the blazing sunshine, followed by some black clouds, rain and then wind get blown dry followed by more sun. 25k @ 21kph for what felt like cycling through an extended car-wash. Bikes looking nicely buffed up

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magicbastarder Registered User

so much of lows of 0 to -4C overnight. 7C this morning at 6:30am, quite a pleasant morning out there.

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magicbastarder Registered User

bit of drama on griffith avenue on the way home. coming westbound, about 200m from the top of philipsburgh avenue, heard some sirens, so slowed down and pulled in a little, and a northern reg car came past at full bore on the wrong side of the road, through the red light, clipped a car turning off griffith avenue onto philipsburgh avenue, spun backwards and slammed hard into a tree, straight back on the accelerator and drove off, with an unmarked garda car in pursuit. thankfully the woman in the other car just looked a bit shook, and given it was rush hour, thankfully no pedestrians or cyclists were caught up in it.

anyway, if you're on griffith avenue, watch out for glass at the junction. there's plenty of it.

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secman Registered User

Night spin from Kilnamanagh down to Lucan, and back up 2 loops of Kilnamanagh and 2 loops of Lucan village gets me 38.5 km Avg 25.2 kph. Nice evening for it, and managed to meet an old acquaintance, Jimmy Stagg, on the second loop , I noticed his bike shop was still open , nipped in for a chat. He built my old steel frame, the Raparee with the Dura ace groupset back in April 1992, 25 years ago next month. Was telling him it's still on the go in wexford at the weekends.

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mr spuckler Registered User

just back from a simple 20km over howth this afternoon in beautiful weather. hadn't been out on the road bike at all since early october and been sick recently so was really just stretching the legs and opening up the lungs a bit. what a day for it

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magicbastarder Registered User

you were well rested so, you probably blitzed up it.

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Alanstrainor Moderator

Gorgeous weather for my commute in this morning. Absolutely flew it, was tipping along at close to 40km/h for a large section of it, had a breeze to my back to help me from Baldoyle to Fairview! Looking forward to the spin home now.

In other news, I've ordered a new single speed freewheel for my daily singlespeed. Had been running 48t-16t, now should have an easier time of it with a 17t in the rear (well slightly easier at least!).

mcgratheoin Registered User

Few days late with the "today" part of the spin. Did a ~40k MTB spin in Morocco last weekend. Started with 7.5km ascent at 8% and finished off with over 30k mostly downhill through little Berber villages and incredible mountain scenery. I wouldn't be the most experienced on a mountain bike and came a cropper in one of the corners - major road rash on left knee, thigh, hip and elbow. Given that most of the trail was wall on one side and drop on the other side I'm probably lucky enough not to have broken anything or to have gone over the edge.

Really enjoyable trip though - we had summited Toubkal the previous day so the legs felt very heavy on the climb but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Marrakech - easily doable via a day trip from there as well.

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First time cycling today. Bought a Giant defy 5

Only cycled for 1 hour an me ass is killing me.

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robyntmorton Registered User

Welcome to the club. First bit of advice: Get a decent pair of padded shorts, and another bike. Not that there's anything wrong with the Giant, but you always need another bike.

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magicbastarder Registered User
#1,738 said:
First time cycling today. Bought a Giant defy 5

Only cycled for 1 hour an me ass is killing me.

heh, i can remember the first time i got back on the bike in about 5 years, about 3 years ago. did 13k (probably gunned it a little too much) and felt like death warmed up for half an hour. Registered User

127 matched at 1000 on the winner.

Lol. ... did about 16k today on the road. Jeese. nerves. ...but twas lovely with the sun shining an wind blowing on my face.

I had a spin on my turbo trainer which is also new . This will be very handy as I am training for a charity cycle.

Chuchote Registered User
#1,740 said:
First time cycling today. Bought a Giant defy 5

Only cycled for 1 hour an me ass is killing me.

Bring it back to the shop (or to a shop where staff are competitive cyclists) and get them to set the saddle and handlebars at the right height and set-back for you.

Edit: when I say 'it', I mean the bike, not your ass.

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