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No cycle for me today - back's gone and can barely walk, so over to the rest of you.....

Rogue-Trooper Registered User

Late getting out the door this morning so only managed 32k before work.

However, as the first post in the new thread, it makes my spin epic!

Smashing morning for it too by the way.

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Eponymous Registered User

Yesterday's effort was Greystones - Bray - Leopardstown - Rathfarnham - Stepaside - Enniskerry - N11 - Greystones.

Not sure why but I really felt like I was suffering until I reached Leopardstown, but somehow managed some PBs along the way even on the climb up Bray Head, which was the most surprising as a jogger passed me in the last 200m of it! I was just about ready to climb off the bike at that stage.

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Oymyakon Registered User

Another puncture on the way to work, hand pump wasn't working.... Great start to a Monday morning.

strmin Registered User

Signed up for Great Dublin bike ride and wanted to check out the route. Took a wrong turn, so not exactly the same. It was pleasant 97km ride:

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smacl Registered User

Camping with the family in Clare over the weekend and managed to sneak in ~110k here and there when no one was looking. Blustery around Loop head on Saturday but great gas once the wind was behind you.

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yop Moderator

Tough club spin, was uncomfortable from the start and the level of pain increased hour by hour and I'm worried now I'm in major trouble for Tuesday nights 40KM TT.
We clocked up 117km just under 30kmph average. Windy but a lovely dry day.

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Idleater Registered User

I suppose I could do a bit of a write up. Since getting: (images of beauty thread)

Idleater said:
My new horizontal top tube non SRAM bike for Nederland. It's a full Campagnolo super record from the 70's.

I found out that L'Eroica had an event in Limburg, southern Netherlands so I signed up. 160km, on an old bike, be grand.

Spent the interim weeks researching and buying bits n pieces like 28mm tyres because apparently as it was the first running of the event, they planned some "special" routes.

Got the first train down to Maastricht on Sunday morning, and cycled to the start in Valkenburg, to find a nice throng of people at the start square:

First stop was in a lovely country villa where there were sandwiches, tomato soup, gazpacho, coffee and (as only the Belgians would think of), sparkling or still water from the onsite spring.

Second stop was: (pic from your cycle thread)
Idleater said:
Nicest and most welcome coffee at the second stop on l'Eroica Limburg.
and from there it was on to Dreilandenpunkt, through the Brand bier brewery and on to a final stop at another country farm for asparagus soup and focaccia. The local water here only had mint leaves in it.

Another 60 km later was a celebratory beer back in Valkenburg

The scenery was spectacular throughout and the weather held up nicely on the day (though there has been plenty of rain so far this year). The route was extremely well signposted, though it needed to be considering the "paths" it went down. Met many walkers and mountain bikers who were bemused to say the least at the "tour de France" bikes going up and down the rock/sand/stone mud hills lanes alley ways and caves.

The bike held up well, though after being off road for probably 80 of the 160km it looked like it needed a wash.

Thoroughly enjoyable in a kind of satisfying though wondering why did I think this was a good idea way. Met many very sound people en route, some absolute nutters doing the distance on "single" (double) speed bikes with a 56 front ring, and Uwe, who I happened to cycle with for the second half.

~2000m of climbing and the strava details (though the garmin was in my pocket for authenticity)

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Bloggsie Registered User

28.8 kms in 65mins 26.5 avg.

I will pass the 1000km mark on my spin home this evening, not bad considering I only started commuting to & from work in the second week of May

not as much as some on here but Im chuffed with hitting the mark.

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CrowdedHouse Registered User

Folks although I did a good bit of cycling in my younger years, I haven't thrown my leg over a bike in 20 years. I got a bike lately and finally got out for a spin this evening. I did 26.86 km at an average of 20.4 km/h. (out and back flat just 98m climbing according to these new-fangled computers) I know 'tis little enough but little acorns etc etc

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retalivity Registered User

Lovely evening for a spin, 2 ascents in the dublin mountains, one up cruagh to the viewpoint then stocking lane. Was the clearest ive seen it at the viewpoint (admittedly ive only been up there 12-15 times), could see the mountains on the Cooley peninsula & the mournes beyond.

Cruagh PBs, dont normally go up that way and noticed that I went up today in half the time it took me my first ever attempt at it last summer. Onwards and upwards

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dahat Registered User

Tipp League TT tonight which was my first ever try at a TT. Enjoyed it immensely as i went pretty well tbh.

16KM TT in 24.43 at 39km avg speed.... Really pleased.

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yop Moderator

Broke the hour in tonights Connacht 40km TT. Worse prep with around 2 hours kip as my son was sick and then ended up at doc for the full morning with him, so no proper sleep, no proper food or drink, so that wasn't looking good. Turned up then and realised with everything I had forgot my Garmin. My wife put the 2 kids into the car and drove the 30 minutes to leave it to me.
Felt tired, even the warm up was a disaster, just couldn' find my legs. Took a gel way to early and just felt that I wanted to end it before it started.
Outleg I felt alright, average was poor and the average power was at 285 watts which was 20 watts down on the last time I did that TT 3 weeks
ago. I went out at position 3, caught the front 2 by the 10km mark, Got to the turn and was just passed by a lad who started 2 minutes behind me. Total downer on that. 32 minutes, so was looking at a 64 minute finish time, 3.5 minutes more than 3 weeks previous.

But I hit a gel, got some water and turned into the wind. I said I would live on the average watts and not worry about the average speed which was 38kmph bang on. So even on the down (there was 2) and on the hills I kept it over the 300 watts, I was concerned my back and hips were going to give up but I just relaxed and didn't panic.

I kept the lad who passed me in good eye view so maybe that helped. With 10km to go I felt pretty good. I upped the output again and then with 5km to go I realised my time wasn't as bad as I thought. At 3KM out I was at 55.5 minutes so I buried everything I had to see if I could get sub 1 hour.
I managed to finish out the 3KM with just under 400 watts average in just over 4 minutes @ 44.1kmph average. And 4 seconds to spare off the 1 hour!

I have to say I was over the moon.

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dahat Registered User

Any tips on approach for a 40km TT?

Bloggsie Registered User

on the commute home yesterday, I saw the most reckless behaviour from a cyclist. Between the henry street/o'connell street junctions and also on parnell square-street she broke almost every red light narrowly missing pedistrians and just avoided being milled by an aircoach. I pulled up beside her and tried to engage her, I must have been wearing my cloak of invisibility cos she just ignored me and broke another light and headed on her way.

ohh and just to lob a grenade in, she was wearing headphones!!!

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