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Seeing as the interview threads are mighty popular on Boards lately, I thought that one could be set up here.

The rules are simple: You answer the question from the previous post, and post a question of your own.

I'll get the ball rolling so.

When did you have your first drink with your parents?

Ted_YNWA Registered User

Never did, parents don't do the whole pub scene. Was the same for me until college days. Only starting drinking 3/4 weeks before final exams in final year

Can you remember when you started?

Hugo Stiglitz Hosted Moderator

Had a cider with my family when I was like 17. They're not really drinkers, in fact my mother has never imbibed in it at all.

How old were you when you tried your first cigarette?

Gremlinertia Moderator

I was fourteen i think, fecking things!.

What was the first book or film you remember?.

StripedBoxers Registered User

Spice Girls film for me.

Cousin brought myself and her younger brother to see it. I fell asleep.

What type of films do you like?

Gremlinertia Moderator

Odd ones, european and scandanavian independent type things, not that i watch many these days, i am back to reading.

Tea or coffee?.

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel


Cyber Punk or Dark Fantasy Novels?

Gremlinertia Moderator

Cyber punk for me

Favourite era in time?. You can go by decades if you want..

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

The 90's and also from 1900-1945


Gremlinertia Moderator

If i was a guy probably around the 1920's but i think i'm mostly drawn to the seventies or so..

Potato cakes, yay or nay?

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Emmmm nay

Favourite brand of coffee in jar?

Gremlinertia Moderator

Probably azera. Don't drink much instant anymore.

Maltesers or m&ms?

StripedBoxers Registered User


Latté, Mocha or Cappuccino?

Hugo Stiglitz Hosted Moderator

Latt .

Cadbury's milk chocolate or Galaxy?

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Caburys ftw but the bastards changed the recipe a few year back and its not as nice anymore.

Was i harsh in calling them bastards?

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