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As there are some crafters interested in making crafts to donate to charity I wondered if there would be any support here for a separate thread to list the charities, or even a Sticky?

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Perhaps everyone already knows the charities and are already donating items. For anyone interested I found several sites on Google but I have just listed a few Irish ones here. I heard about knitting 'fidget blankets' or 'fiddle blankets' for the alzheimers centres but I can't locate any information on that at present. Maybe someone else knows about that. Pinterest also has a 'Craft for Charity' section which might be worth a look. Some of these may have deadlines which are passed, but we could be getting ready for next year!

Age Action – The Big Knit
also at

A Little Lifetime Foundation

Feileacain – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland

Irish Premature Babies (see note No. 15)

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On the subject of fidget blankets, I've been knitting Twiddle Muffs for dementia sufferers and the feedback I'm getting is really positive. I mainly give them away to people I know who have someone suffering from the illness. Recently I gave the extra ones I had to a nursing home because they were delighted when they saw the one I'd given to one of their residents. They're very soothing and give sufferers something to occupy their hands, which in turn calms them. I also pass on the pattern in case people want to knit them, and have given it to the local ladies' club in my area.

They are knitted with a double strand of double knitting or a single strand of chunky wool and decorated with buttons and odds and ends, with some on the inside too. I can put up the pattern and photos if anyone is interested, there is a huge need for them and they make a great difference for dementia sufferers.

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Oh yes please, I would like the pattern for the Twiddle Muffs, or a link to it. I have a lot of odd balls of wool I want to use up. Such a cute name, Twiddle Muff! Like Fidget Blankets!

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I love the name too,

This is the pattern I use - they're very easy and knit up quickly:

You'll need 8mm circular or 6.5mm straight needles.

Directions Cuff:
Cast on 45 stitches using 2 strands of double knitting wool or 1 strand of chunky wool.
Work in stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row) for 11 inches.
Any colour will do for this part because it's the inside.

Muff Body:
Continue with stocking stitch, but use up oddments of various colours and textures of wool until the work measures 23 inches.
Cast off.

If working with straight needles, neatly join the long sides together using edge to edge stitch.
Push the one-colour cuff up inside the muff body.
Sew the two ends together, again using a neat edge to edge stitch.
Knit a separate pocket for a favourite photo or a handkerchief. I cast on 18 stitches and knit until I feel it's big enough, ending with a few rows of rib.

Decorate the muff with ribbons, beads, flowers, zips, loops, pompoms, buttons, etc.
Also put some buttons/beads on the inside of the muff.
You should have at least 11 items on the outside, and at least 5 on the inside.
Be creative, but make sure each item is securely attached.

Here are a couple of photos to give an idea of what the finished product looks like:

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Thank you. Great colours in your muff.

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Totally late to this but I donate the twiddle muffs to an autism charity, they love them too!

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That's great to know, thanks!

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One of my knitting friends knits for the Rotunda and she gave me the FB link:

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Came across this Facebook page in case anyone is still interested:

Good Will Wool - Knitting and Crochet for charity Ireland

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