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Boards.ie Policies and Practices:

  • No advertising, spamming, or pornography.
  • No trolling, flaming, or personal abuse (i.e., challenge the post, not the poster).
  • No feeding the trolls (or thanking the trolls, which is just another way of feeding them).
  • No backseat modding. Discussing someone’s behaviour and posting it on a thread in this forum is an example of back seat modding.
  • Use the Report a Post http://b-static.net/vbulletin/images/custom/minimalist/buttons/report.gif function. If you see something you know is against the forum charter, please bring it to our attention. Do not post in the thread. This can be used simply to alert the Mods to something, to request something (like new posters unable to post a link - we can edit your post to save it for you) or to report abusive posts etc.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss Art and Crafts so irrelevant/ offtopic/ nonsense threads or posts will be locked or deleted.

Some simple rules to follow!

  • No personal abuse.
  • No Trolling.
  • No Spamming, shilling or advertising. Bans will be given for blatant advertising (trying to sell your things via your own website etc.) and posts removed and reported for site wide bans upon sight. If you know of a good shop/ website please stick under the sticky for art-stores rather then starting a whole thread about it, thank you
  • Advertising of exhibitions is welcomed and encouraged, as is advice about where to go to get x and y materials, but people with vested interests in these sites need to remember that this is not a shopping forum. Abuse of the rules will result in a warning and penultimately a ban.
  • Keep criticism constructive when discussing other poster's works.
  • No text speak, use the whole keyboard when making a post.
  • No questioning Mods decisions on the public threads, take it to PM if you have a problem.
  • PM the moderator if you need clarification regarding this charter, or boards.ie policies and practices in general, or for actions taken that relate to an infraction/warning/ban received. The first stage in the boards.ie official appeal procedure is to PM the moderator.
  • As far as the charter goes we will use common sense in dealing with posts so just because it's not in the charter if it's out of order we will pull you on it.

Recommendation beyond boards.ie policies or practices:
Ignore Button: If there is someone on this forum you personally dislike, or frequently makes comments that you personally dislike (that do not specifically violate this charter), simply click on their user name, and when the menu opens, select the ignore option. Problem solved.

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