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From the 16th February 2016, FMP will be providing "unlimited access" of the 1939 Register to members - presumably with UK or World access.

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Quite an about turn but very welcome nonetheless.

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In the meantime Claire Santry reports a 20% price increase on all FMP subscriptions from February 16th.

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The 1939 register is free to annual subscribers only, and I've also had an email to say my renewal price is frozen. I actually have 2 subs at the moment because their Thanksgiving deal was so amazing, it was worth burning 2 months of my current sub.

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I've found a relation on this and I've got a question about how corrections were done, if they were at all; should someone here know

She's listed with her maiden name and martial status S; however her surname is crossed out and her married name written in in a different script/different pen. Did they update the original registers for some time period after?

She's actually still alive - well over 100 or else she'd be excised on the records - so I could just ask her when she got married admittedly!

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Records were updated with married names for women. I've seen many many examples of this. Not sure how long after or if it was done in batches periodically.

How wonderful that her record is open and she's still alive. You should show her it!
One of my life's ambitions is to see myself on an unsealed census. I've a long wait, so should probably look after myself better!

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"The Register was continually updated while National Registration was in force, when it was a legal requirement to notify the registration authorities of any change of name or address. This ended in 1952, but since 1948 the Register had also been used by the National Health Service, who continued updating the records until 1991, when paper-based record keeping was discontinued.

Changes of name for any reason were recorded; in practice this was mostly when women changed their surnames on marriage or re-marriage, but also includes changes of name for any other reason, such as by deed poll.

The majority of these name changes appear in the indexes so you can search for a person using either their name in 1939 or any subsequent name."

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