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magicbastarder said:
that's good going - i can't manage nearly as fast on my slightly shorter commute, but then i do go past dublin port and over the east link.

yeah i struggle to maintain 21kph on my commute which also takes in the port and east link but i do hit a lot of traffic lights en route.

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Average 24kmh in my commute over the east link. But I'm going from Killiney to the airport so have Longish straights to compensate

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Hi! I commute 40km most weekdays to work..
I takes me about 50 mins in the morning...I leave at about 7am...go to the gym, shower, change and pop up to work..
In the afternoon, I get home in about 40 mins...a few times with light traffic and winds I have got home in 37-38 mins...Is quicker than driving!

Also make sure you eat a good breakfast as you burn 1000+ cals a day and make sure you have all the puncture repair stuff in case you get punctures at any point..

It is also nice to have comfy/good quality bibs, rain jackets, gloves etc...
In Winter, good lights are essential..
I just avoid stormy and lashing rain and of course ice!

Good luck!


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gmacww said:
Eastpoint has two gates. The front gate is by far the busier however I do personally find the access road a lot better for cycling. I've cycled in the back gate a couple of times and it's the roads leading up to it that can be tricky.

The R131 turns into the M50 but you turn off and go under the M50 shortly after. That junction given there can be a lot of heavy vehicles going to and from the port can make it a nerve shredding stretch. Pending on where you are based in the park (closer to front or back, I'm front) I'd sooner go up eastwall road and in the front.

I'd agree here, too much heavy traffic to contend with entering at the back of eastpoint. I tried it for 2 days when I started the job there, quickly realised it was not the way to go. Front entrance isn't too bad with traffic and such. The main thing to be aware of is the cobblestone when you're in the park; bloody lethal in the wet!

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Thanks for the info

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