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Ah yeah, their youtube policies are ridiculous, bordering on the redonkulous.

I think that for these types of books though, it's a bit farcical if the creator hadn't already worked out something with Nintendo, given that they're still a going concern, as opposed to some of the other companies that these kinds of books have been based on.

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This is a lot different from the Youtube stuff imo. The creator should be clearing stuff with Nintendo first and if he hasn't it's his own fault, you can't just piggyback on companies, big or small, intellectual property rights these days and expect to get by with the 'Ah Nintendo just leave it fly will ya' stuff. Looks a nice book so hopefully he hasn't shot himself in the foot by not doing all the before work.

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This is the message he sent out earlier.

Sam Dyer says:
Nintendo have filed a copyright claim against the campaign. I have taken lots of legal advice prior to launching the campaign plus I also spoke to Nintendo UK. The use of game imagery is completely legal under FAIR USE' law.

I have now made some little tweaks to the campaign to make it even more watertight but I wholeheartedly believe that the book is 100% above board.

Don't panic! The campaign is under review whilst I talk to Nintendo. Your pledge is safe and in the unlikely case I'm unsuccessful, it will go right back to you as it would with any stopped campaign. There's no need to panic and cancel your funding as your money is not at risk.

The campaign is essentially 'frozen' as is the timer. So fingers crossed when we're live again, the clock will start from with 24 hours left and we can complete the campaign.

The whole thing is frustrating but please stick with me. I've invested a lot of time and energy ensuring that this is legal and above board.

Will update you when I have some news.


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If he's using a lot of Nintendo artwork without permission in the book then he kind of doesn't have a leg to stand on in this case.

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Hi guys, I've created a more general kickstarter thread In the Cool Pics Vids and Links forum, would be great to see some of you contribute, I know Stevex2 particularly has a keen interest in these things.

Cool Inventions / Kickstarters / Crowdfunding Thread

Dont forgot to hit the follow button for the thread, cheers!

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Meant to post this here a few days ago but forgot - not retro gaming related but maybe some of the folks on here would have an interest - especially those of us that like to fidget.

Called the Fidget Cube, their goal was $15,000, they're up over $4m at the minute. Mental. Had to do a Steve_X2 on it myself.

They just closed the pledges with December delivery dates (no gaurantee we'd get them by then anyway) and created ones for March 2017 due to the demand.

Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

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Steve X2 Moderator

I grabbed a couple myself

the groutch Registered User

tbh I don't see the appeal (especially at that kind of price), but everyone to their own.

Andrew76 Moderator

the groutch said:
...but everyone to their own.


o1s1n Registered User

the groutch said:
tbh I don't see the appeal (especially at that kind of price), but everyone to their own.

Do you fidget much with your hands? I guess if you don't it would seem rather pointless.

If you do though it looks like heaven

Steve X2 Moderator

o1s1n said:
Do you fidget much with your hands? I guess if you don't it would seem rather pointless.

If you do though it looks like heaven

I find myself playing with pens and whatnot when in work doing worky type things. So this seems like it might be a nice new toy

Doge Registered User

Gotta post this in the general Kickstarter thread seen as Steve X2 is too stuck up to join us in that sub forum!

Steve X2 Moderator

Doge said:
Gotta post this in the general Kickstarter thread seen as Steve X2 is too stuck up to join us in that sub forum!

A&R for life, there are no other sections.

Doge Registered User

Been a while but here's a good one:

Commodore 64: For the Love of a Machine
Format: Book

Includes an exclusive interview with Bob Yannes who created the mighty SID chip and helped design the C64.

Dr Bob Moderator

Probably mentioned elsewhere and its already 201% funded but
More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

The European computer game market of the early eighties to mid nineties was a thing of terrible beauty. Crazy ideas and potential profit were at the front of publisher’s minds. And quality control was often at the back of their minds, hidden behind a vague memory of that time they fell off their bike and lost their door key.
In my previous book Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of I showcased a bevy of amusingly awful titles. And now I’m going to do it again, because what the world needs right now is to know exactly how bad Domain of the Undead for the Atari 8-bit computers was.
And because I like to confound expectations, the book will be larger than the previous volume yet cost the same! This second excavation of gaming’s buried past will not only unearth more appalling excuses for digital entertainment, but also feature several special interest chapters not based around single specific games. And more guest contributors will be telling us about their most disappointing gaming purchases, so we can feel a bit better the next time we pick up a cheap game on a whim and discover it’s about as much fun as banging your face against a fridge door.
The core criteria of the games eligible for entry will remain the same. They must have been:
Released between 1980 and 1995 inclusive
Released commercially, i.e. sold for money
Released on a home computer format, not a dedicated games console
So incredibly poor that it would be almost impossible for a reasonable person to enjoy playing them
That way we keep out all the ones you’ve heard of a million times in YouTube videos. These are truly obscure and truly dreadful games – the very worst the industry ever offered up. We may have all been disappointed with Aliens Colonial Marines, but it doesn’t seem quite so bad when you’ve spent a few minutes wrestling with the controls of Cisco Heat on the Commodore 64...
If you’d like a copy of Attack of the Flickering Skeletons: More Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Of , pledge now and we’ll be on the way to making it a reality. Let’s not let these games slip under the radar just because they’re terrible, they’re old and... well... you’ve probably never heard of them.

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