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Howdy Y'all
After a suggestion from one of our Cat Mods, May he be praised, we have started a thread here for Kickstarter links and videos.
Rather than the liberal spread of kickstarter goodness across different locations we'll try to concentrate them here, from the really good, the dreamers building sandcastles in the sky and the chancers trying to sell you a turd with a videogame logo on the side, like the CDi

Happy posting

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Couple that I've backed:

Slain (Kickstarter completed already)

Nice looking 2D hack and slash:
"Prepare to be Slain! Our homage to the gory hack and slash games of the 80's and 90's. We promise stunning visuals with gore galore."

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

"IGAVANIA (n): A gothic, exploration-focused action platformer, designed by one of the godfathers of the genre!"
Spiritual successor to the old Castlevania games, what more needs said?

Power Drive 2000

"An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car."
Looks neon-ly fantastic fun.

Stupid KS pics not working. Will edit in working ones later.

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Optimus Prime Roll Out...

Here is the kickstarter for the ZX Spectrum book by the same guy that has done the C64 and Amiga ones..

Steve X2 Moderator

Power Drive 2000
An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car.


Arduboy - Card Sized Gaming

8bit style open source mini game/synth/programmable thingymabob


ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium


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You'd imagine, with current tech, you could include a speecy on a chip in the rear/front cover of that book! A little av out and bobs your uncle!

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Steve X2 Moderator

I was going to add this to my list and back it, but they only ship to the US
Would have been nice to display some pixel art or game animation.

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Corholio Registered User

The 'Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night' got even more interesting for me when it seems the next stretch goal MAY possibly be a Wii U version. It looks like the very top of the Wii U logo.

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Dr Bob Moderator
Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of
Basically Stuart Ashens writes a book on crap games ,
with nary a console game insight.

Video games are great! Except when they're not, of course. We've all bought a game and been utterly underwhelmed by it, dribbling buyer's remorse from every pore as we furiously shake our fist at the publishers responsible for releasing them. But have you ever bought a game so fundamentally awful that it was impossible to glean any enjoyment from it whatsoever? If so, I feel your pain, and if you'll allow me I'll also take your money and offer you a book in exchange.

Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of is a compendium of some of the most painfully bad games available for the European home computer market from the early eighties to the mid nineties, based on my YouTube series of the same name. Everyone's heard of E.T. for the Atari 2600 and Superman for the Nintendo 64, but these are almost nothing next to the abject incompetence of Count Duckula 2 on the Amstrad CPC. There are people who seriously believe that Shaq Fu is the worst fighting game ever made, having never experienced Dangerous Streets or Barravento on the Amiga. This book will blow their very soul apart. (Not a guarantee).

There's nothing from the NES, or indeed any other dedicated games console, in this book. It's all about the home computer market during a special time when tight deadlines, tiny budgets and precious little quality control allowed some of the most egregiously horrid games to leak into the shops. As the title strongly suggests you've probably never heard of these games - who wants to retread the same old things when there's so much new horror to be discovered?

Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of is meticulously researched and written with the dry humour you'd expect from a man who has somehow made a living by sticking rubbish on a sofa and talking about it. And it's not all from me - some people you may well have heard of will be telling us what their most disappointing game purchase was. Because, of course, there's nothing quite so entertaining as other people's misery.

If you'd like this book to exist in a tangible form, pledge now and ensure that the games mentioned inside receive the recognition and derision they deserve. Because they're terrible, they're old, and you probably haven't heard of them.

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BGOllie Moderator

supported Tokyo Dark . I looks suitably Tokyoesque and Dark.

Jack burton Registered User

Anyone who backed Power Drive 2000 should have access to a pre alpha build in their email. Just gave it a go, looks like its going to be a really good game imo. They are only at 36% though on kickstarter so mightn't happen

Star Lord Moderator

Yeah, saw that in the email update this morning. Really hope it succeeds, looks fantastic.

Steve X2 Moderator

5 days left on that Powerdrive game and its still not funded

Jack burton Registered User

Yeah looks a bit bleak! BUt it has jumped in the last few days, really hoping to play this. I dont want it to be another case of The Black Glove

Star Lord Moderator

Power Drive 2000: 34 hours to go, and $42,597 pledged of $45,000

Looks like this is going to be a close one!!!

KeRbDoG Registered User

CiDeRmAn said:
You'd imagine, with current tech, you could include a speecy on a chip in the rear/front cover of that book! A little av out and bobs your uncle!

Very true, I'm surprised with the success of the DTV C64 product a Speccy 48k version didn't appear

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