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Justin Roberts blog post is well worth a read.

To long to post it all here so the rest is on the link below.

Hi, my name is Justin Roberts. I was an announcer at World Wrestling Entertainment for about 12 years. Sometimes when you’ve worked there and you speak up about something company-related, it’s easy to be painted as a bitter, ex employee. What’s strange is that my unhappiness at this dream job didn’t start after I left; it started while I was there.

The last time I wrote a blog here, it was about how I loved professional wrestling. I was with the company at the time and loved (and I still love) professional wrestling. There were reasons why it wasn’t titled “I love WWE.” My unhappiness started in my last couple of years with the company and I was actually just as happy when they decided not to renew my contract as I was on the day that I signed. They told me I wasn’t getting fired, there was nothing that I did wrong, that they were going a different direction and the door was always open. I politely closed it behind me and with that said, I’ll now share one of the contributing factors on why I wouldn’t want to go back to this company.

I have always been a fan of the movie “Basic” where “telling the story right” is the theme. WWE also tells a story, week after week. Sometimes their stories seem “real” and we forget that they’re a company… that tells stories. Remember “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s jealousy over Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan? Matt Hardy and Edge battling over relationship reasons, CM Punk taking the title and leaving the company? Daniel Bryan overcoming the evil bosses who did everything to keep him down? These were memorable, reality-inspired storylines, but overall, they were stories that WWE told us fans.

This past weekend at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, they told a story. While using real life people and real stories, they did what they do best: they told a story and they didn’t let the facts get in the way.

Last year, just days before his unfortunate, sudden death, the legendary Ultimate Warrior suggested during his Hall of Fame induction speech that WWE should honor the hardworking people who work behind the scenes at the company. He spoke about those people who worked there: “Some of them for years, 20–25–30 years,” he continued, “To have a category in the Hall of Fame where you honor these people.” Unfortunately, the WWE track record shows that many people who work there and give their lives to the company for 20–30 years don’t get rewarded, they get released once they’ve been there for too long.

I can name numerous employees that I worked with at WWE who would be deserving of such an award. Those people devoted all of their time and energy to WWE, because they loved their jobs and thought they were working for a good cause. A guy like Mark Yeaton who was let go on the eve of what would have been his 30th anniversary. He was the guy that worked all morning and afternoon in the production office of the TV shows, then sat at ringside and rang the bell for the show, while communicating on headset with the bosses to make sure everything ran smoothly. Then he would return to the production office where he made sure the operations ran as they should while accommodating everyone who approached him about needing something done. Then he would go through the locker rooms to make sure no one left anything behind. He even cleaned up the towels and did anything else asked of him. Mark would take a bullet for the company and would have made an excellent and deserving award recipient, but he was let go for a budget cut. (You probably won’t hear much from Mark publicly as far as saying anything negative about the company, or the many others like Mark, as their employee contracts prevent them from speaking out. Mine doesn’t.).

Who else could be a good nominee? Lots of folks. There are so many hardworking men and women that work behind the scenes at that company. How about Sue, who arranges all of the great Make-A-Wish events, Adam who manages fan services…All of these people deserve recognition by the company, and that’s what the Warrior was trying to say. But the question is, how much publicity could those awards make for the company? Or how could you market that award to mean something to the public?

So rather than honor those people that you don’t see or hear about , who work hard to put on the shows that we all love, the company decided to tell a different story. This year, they spliced and spun the Warrior’s speech to make the award about “warriors” outside of the company, because that might make for a better story — and for better publicity.........

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Exceeded 10,000 posts, congratulations, thread!

A Primal Nut said:
Wrestling Observer reported that his father was really angry. But they weren't sure when Roman was told. Lesnar was told before he signed his contract. But if Roman was told at the last minute it could have been looked upon by some people as him getting screwed at the last minute.

His father must really be a bit of an idiot then, you'd have to be insane to think Roman Reigns didn't come out of Mania farrrrrrrr better off than he could've done in any other circumstance.

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Wwe seem to have put a tonne of music up on spotify, for those that have it

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3;38 seconds.

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Have WWE ever done an inter-promotional match before?

thebostoncrab Registered User

If that match happened I could never watch another match again and be happy with that

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thebostoncrab said:
If that match happened I could never watch another match again and be happy with that

If this match happens I will go and see it whatever the cost!

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J. Marston said:
Have WWE ever done an inter-promotional match before?

I think there was a relationship with New Japan at some point when Hogan worked matches over there. Open to correction on that.

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AJ Lee is done. WWE just posted this:

I for one am happy. Didn't really like her work and the character was totally played out. Plus politically, her being there was very awkward given the Punk lawsuit etc. Best for all.

A Rogue Hobo Registered User

Wasn't there a co-branded WWF show in Japan with either AJPW or NJPW in Tokyo in the late 80's or early 90's? I don't know if there were interpromotional matches on that show or not.

Lord TSC Moderator

WWE respond to Justin Robert's blog.

WWE issued the following statement in response former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts' blog on Connor “The Crusher” Michalek's Hall Of Fame induction.

WWE Statement:

“It is offensive to suggest that WWE and its executives had anything but altruistic intentions in honoring Connor and his legacy with The Warrior Award. In conjunction with Connor’s father, Connor’s Cure was established by Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer, and to honor a boy that so many people within the WWE family came to love. The fund is managed by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and has already raised more than $200,000 for pediatric cancer research.

In addition, following the Ultimate Warrior’s impassioned Hall of Fame speech last year encouraging WWE to recognize its unsung heroes, the Warrior Award was established in his memory to honor those who exhibit unwavering strength and perseverance, and who live life with the courage and compassion that embodies the indomitable spirit of the Ultimate Warrior. With the full support and input of Ultimate Warrior’s widow, Dana Warrior, Connor Michalek was the first recipient of the Warrior Award, and moving forward the award will be given annually to acknowledge other unsung heroes among WWE’s employees and fans.

WWE is proud to use our global platforms to raise awareness for important social causes, including Connor’s Cure as well as our longstanding partnership with Make A Wish, our on-going partnership with Susan G. Komen, which has resulted in more than $1.5 million in funds raised, and our international partnership with Special Olympics.”

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J. Marston said:
Have WWE ever done an inter-promotional match before?

Kinda. I've posted a few of these on another thread.

ECW vs USWA on WWF Raw. There was an interpromotional feud going on between ECW and USWA called the Civil War of the 90's. Jerry Lawler ran the USWA in Memphis (it's his son Brian Christopher here competing) and Paul Heyman ran ECW in Philly.

At the time, Vince was bank rolling Paul while allowing some of his WWF talents to get some experience. Also before this time, Vince was doing a bit of business with the USWA and from what I remember, actually had debuted a prototype Mr McMahon evil owner gimmick way back then! Also, in 1996 USWA had a Royal Rumble match where the winner got a spot in the WWF 1996 Royal Rumble. It went to Doug Gilbert, he lasted about 47 seconds.

So in essence, WWF was doing a bit of business on the down low with both these smaller feds and was kind of a quasi-host for both of them to feud with WWF and each other. A mad time.

From WWF to USWA you had the likes of Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart.
From ECW to WWF you had RVD and Sabu.
From WWF to ECW you would get Jerry Lawler, who was also USWA aligned.
You would get PG-13 from USWA working against ECW teams and then also being in WWF's NAtion of Domination, who got their start in Memphis.

And before all that, there was a brief interpromotional flirtation with Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Survivor Series 1993 saw the Heavenly Bodies take on the Rock and Roll Express for the SMW Tag Team Titles.


Promo wise. Here's earliest Mr McMahon promo, go to 20 seconds in. It's mad to think he was a few years away from embracing this. The smarmy git. He was as whitemeat as you could get on TV at the time.

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Well with A.J Lee gone, the WWE Diva's Division is really gonna have to step up a gear

A Primal Nut Registered User

Steph didn't help the situation by posting a quote that "philanthropy is the future of marketing" on twitter not long before the hall of fame started.

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