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Best of luck to all doing the GAMSAT this year. I am going to begin studying for the GAMSAT 2016 in June. I am looking around but cannot seem to find posts linking to it. I will write a couple of Questions:

1. What type of books, poetry should I begin to read?
2. Name a few books etc
3. Should I attend grinds to support me for Chemistry and Physics because I have never done the subjects before.
4. Links to excellent essay writing techniques.
5. I am in college, how many hours should I devote to the study. 22 hours a week sufficient?
6. Help to plan my study timetable



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Hi there,

I am also going to start studying seriously for this soon. I had never done chemistry or physics before and I am finding it tough going to teach myself, I do feel I would benefit from grinds or a classroom setting to go over some concepts, but personally I can't afford it. I would recommend it if you can afford it though!

From what I've read about GAMSAT prep they recommend reading all types of different books classics old and modern, poetry etc. Some of the books on my reading list are Anna Karenina, Ulysses, Tender is the Night, 1984, The Grapes of Wrath and I'm currently reading Crime and Punishment. I have two collections of poetry also.

It's hard to say how many hours you will need to work in alongside your current workload in college. It really depends on your own abilities and how effective you are at studying. I believe I came across a rough guide online somewhere. If I come across it again I will post the link here for you.

Maybe we can keep in touch and share any helpful information we find as the year progresses?

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Yes. Sounds good. I want to start the reading as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Hey I found a YouTube channel from UCIrvine where they post lectures from different courses. I'm currently going through the preparation for chemistry class and they they also have more advanced ones, organic chem, statistics, health related classes and lots others. Might be useful to you or anyone else who will be following this thread!

I can't share URLs because I'm a new user but you should find it if you search!

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Also there is a website called Alison . com. It's an Irish based company that offers courses in different subjects some you can earn a diploma.

I'm looking at the maths for science and engineering, foundations of science and there are lots on chemistry and physics.

I like the fact you can get a diploma from them. Give you something extra to work towards!

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Just an quick message to anyone selling notes etc, I have absolutely no money for extra materials! I am completely broke so unless you're feeling charitable and want to pass along a freebie as your good deed for the year (man would I be grateful), I'm afraid I can't help you with offloading your notes!

Thanks to all the very good offers I've received though.

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Maat said:
Just an quick message to anyone selling notes etc, I have absolutely no money for extra materials! I am completely broke so unless you're feeling charitable and want to pass along a freebie as your good deed for the year (man would I be grateful), I'm afraid I can't help you with offloading your notes!

Thanks to all the very good offers I've received though.

They're like a scourge
Pm me and I'll hook you up with most books in PDF format and some sample questions and papers

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I'm also going to prepare for the GAMSAT 2016. Similar to some of you guys I have never done chemistry or physics before and I have just completed an Arts degree so I've been out of the game for a while. If anyone has any tips or wants to stay in touch throughout the year that would be great.

I found some good links that give an outline of the basic material that you need to know on maths, biology, chemistry and physics if anyone wants them. I'm hoping my Arts degree in English and History will help in the first Section of the test.

Again if anyone has any notes/tips I would be forever grateful!

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Hi guys,

Ditto studying for GAMSAT in March, though I've just booked the UK one in September as a practice run (though I guess in the back of my mind I'm hoping it'll be enough!).

Managed to get my hands on the GradMed notes for Biology, Chemistry (gen and org) and Physics. They're very good, concise and well explained. If you can find the for sale online I'd recommend getting them. Supplementing the GradMed learning with Khan Academy, which I think is an excellent resource for getting your head around some of the more challenging concepts.

I've heard that the Goldstandard book is basically just the MCAT book with a different cover. Can anyone attest to how useful it is? Got the Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT to tackle verbal reasoning. I'm not sure how it compares to GAMSAT verbal reasoning though.

My biggest concern is Section 2. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to prepare for this?

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This is my advice from another post. Hope it helps!

" No experience with Medprep or Des O'Neill but the Gold standard was good on some accounts. It gives a great general outline on all of the sciences and the online account MCAT style questions are effective in testing your general knowledge on them. However, I would also use Khan academy for a more in depth (and far better explained) knowledge on chem, biology, organic chem and physics. The Gold standard also gives a good guide on what you need to memorize for the exam and what you only need to understand so that you can answer a problem-based question on it.

For the sciences I would also make sure you get as much sample questions/tests as you can because although the background knowledge is important it is far more vital that you get used to the style and pattern of questions in all of the four sciences. Ozimed and the gold standard have some practice exams but the most realistic and effective exams are the ACER ones (green and purple booklet). Do every test you have under strict timed conditions and learn from your mistakes. For any mistake or pitfall that you make I would also keep a copybook/journal of where you went wrong and try and fix this for the next test. The Goldstandard online a/c has youtube tutorials on both ACER practice tests and how they approach the questions. I cannot overstate how important this was to me getting a decent mark in section 3 because you pick up so many helpful tips and tricks from it.

SIDENOTE: There are twice as many chemistry and biology questions compared to physics so keep this in mind when studying. However, getting a physics question right may carry more weight as few will get it right.

For section 1 I would acquire MCAT exam krackers 101 which has similar style questions to gamsat sect 1. Although it's not quite the same you pick up the basic strategies towards answering multiple choice text/figure comprehension questions. ACER and other practice tests are also vital for this so get your hands on as much practice questions and perform these under timed conditions as much as possible. Note down your mistakes and try and correct these for future tests. You will hear some people saying to read "broadly" but that is honestly bull****. You do need to get acquainted with the different type of texts that will come up so I would advise to read a SLIGHT bit of poetry, drama, shorts stories, humanitarian journals, economic articles and articles with figures and graphs. When reading these try to think critically about them and think of the typical gamsat questions that could apply for them (you should also make a list of typical questions so that you're familiar with them).

Finally for section 2 I would get into the habit of answering part A and B essays on daily basis (or every second day depending on your commitments). Again strict timing of half an hour per essay. Get someone who is from an arts background or who is good at writing essays themselves to overlook your essays to assess the quality of them. The GOLD STANDARD recently showed on their online a/c what a poor, average and excellent essay looks like and roughly how long they have to be ( 2 and 1/2 A4 pages for me) so this is an excellent resource to base a blueprint essay on for the exam. Through a lot of googling and looking at the resources that I purchased (also in the gold standard) I made a list of all likely topics to come up. I practised essays on these and developed my own arguments on them. AC Grayling's book "the meaning of things" provides interesting insights into many of these topics if you are poor at developing your own ideas (ie I used this a lot!). Although section B is meant to be more "reflective" than section A, I found that an argumentative style of writing worked for both. Using real life examples adds power to your essay so I would encourage you to stay in touch with the news every day and to read opinion pieces in good newspapers (again do this but don't get bogged down in it). Make sure you learn a good quote for each "topic" as all correctors LOVE these and making up a catchy title will also work in your favour. Again, note your mistakes as you go along.

PS try not to get bogged down in any question for section 1 and 3 if you're stuck. Make an educated guess and move along. If you're running short on time look for questions (particularly in section 3) that have 4/5 questions attached if that makes sense. You kill a few birds with one stone rather than being stuck on a single question for ages. Finally, if you've five minutes left pick a letter (I picked C) and make sure you leave no blank questions. An obvious statement, but I had 15 questions unanswered in section 1 and 40 unanswered in section 3 with 5 mins to go and I somehow managed to get 59. So if you answer as much questions CORRECTLY as you can and then make sure all blanks are filled in you "should" be ok. Best of luck to everyone sitting it in September or next March! "

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sReq | uTeK said:
They're like a scourge
Pm me and I'll hook you up with most books in PDF format and some sample questions and papers

Any chance I jump on this bandwagon and ask you to send me some? Can't PM as new user.

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bellabee said:
Any chance I jump on this bandwagon and ask you to send me some? Can't PM as new user.

I wish I could but Dropbox was deleted

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Does anyone recommend any particular Mcat books? Looking to buy if anyone selling

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I have just started a facebook group for prospective GEM students at UCD.

UCD Graduate Medicine Class of 2020

We are a few people from the class that is currently doing GEM1 here and you are more than welcome to join the group, ask questions, etc.!

Best of luck for your GAMSAT results!

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Hi all,

So GAMSAT results out this morning and I'm very disappointed to be honest. This exam can really make you feel like crap. This was my second and final attempt. I'm 35 (so very much on the older end of applicants I'd imagine!) and was hoping to get into UCD. I got a score of 55 in the UK GAMSAT last September and I was hoping for a 59 this time round but unfortunately only got a score of 57 :0( After months of study I only increased my science score by 1 point! I wasn't happy with the science section in March as I had put a lot of my time and energy into organic chemistry and there was very little of this in the paper. Still I thought with all the extra study and the hundreds of questions I had completed that I was still going to see a big improvement in the science section. Now its looking doubtful I'll get UCD as the minimum to get into this last year was 58 points. I don't want Limerick or Cork as I'm settled in Dublin with my partner of 15 years with my own apartment. Going back to college at my age would be a big enough change, a move too I think would be too much.

Just wondering how people got on in general? Also if anyone knows if the percentile curve for Ireland this year is similar to last year and if the number of applicants is less/more/the same? Just trying to work out if there is any hope at all that the points this year might come down.

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