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Don't know what I did to the last thread to mess it up for some.

So, PS4 stuff then.

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I blame those sneaky xbox folk

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It was Lizard Squad.

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johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

I would have skipped 3.0 and gone straight to Megathread X. Seems like the way things are going these days.

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Is The Last of Us any good?

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Xenji Registered User

sheehy83 said:
Is The Last of Us any good?

Surprisingly so, never bought into the hype when it first came out on the PS3, but picked it up for the PS4 and really enjoyed it.

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Zero-Cool Wanted Level

Only joshing about TLOU but now that you mention it, I felt the exact same way. I thought it was grand on PS3 but only REALLY enjoyed it on PS4 with multiple playthroughs one after the other.

To get off TLOU, I see US Blog announced new March games for PS Now that will play on PS4:

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Generic Dreadhead Registered User

Front page on the same day my Vita arrived.... coincidence? I think not!
Now I need to spend the rest of my week trying to figure out what the fcuk these mean in real life terms:

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R-Type Dimensions was pretty sweet on XBox 360. Definitely one people should snap up and realise that compared to R-type, Dark Souls is hand holdy casual Call of Duty guff.

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Dhduxbeusns Banned

Wow a new thread I've early

Xenji Registered User

Looking forward to this, spent far too many hours playing the original back on the PS2.

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DARK-KNIGHT Registered User

Hey lads here's hoping for a quick draw mcGraw remaster for ps4

WarZoneBrother Registered User

Well this sucks, rang sony and they told me to Initialise my PS4 and reinstall the update going to lose all user accounts and data... I better not lose my Killzone save file again I was literally on the last mission... Don't think my Killzone save files update to the Cloud storage or whatever though which may mean I have to start fresh once more..

tgdaly Registered User

Love that new thread smell

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