JTormey Registered User

Have been looking to buy oil based sharpie pens to decorate mugs. Haven't see any in easons, tesco or in arts shop at jervis street... Anyone know where I can buy them that isn't online? Thanks!

dottie_lottie Registered User

found myself in the tesco extra in Naas a few weeks ago and they had own brand markers for baking onto ceramics, should have bought them when I saw them because I havent seen them anywhere else

Viva La Gloria Registered User

It is important that you use oil based sharpie pens otherwise design will fade

Lobsterlady Registered User

Did you manage to get an oil based sharpie? I'm on the search myself. Or a fine nibbed pen to write on glass, that is permanent and doesn't have to be cured.

Chocolate Registered User

I know this is an old thread but I'm also on the hunt for these oil based sharpies.

I know I can order them online from Amazon but I'm hoping to find a shop in Dublin that sells them as I need them in the next day or two.

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