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Hi all

I am very new to Mandarin (a couple of months doing a class a week) and while my ability to speak is improving a bit due to classes and Pimsleur software every night, I have a lot of trouble understanding ANYTHING when I hear it.

I've learned Spanish in the past and currently study French too and they both have various programmes/comedies on the internet which are made for students of the language.

Is anyone aware of any programme/comedy anything designed for students where people speak slower than normal and use basic vocab and grammar. So far, I've only found "growing with Chinese" on youtube and it's okay.

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I would also be interested in suggestion as couldn't find many options either.

You can try a series from CCTV called Happy Chinese:

The language itself is more for intermediate students, but I think they also mean it for beginners as everything is subtitled and each episode has a few quick breaks to focus on a particular grammar point used in the script.

The problem I have with it is that the plot is not that interesting and I don't find it that informative about China as it is revolving around the same old themes most Chinese learning books are talking about (which I often find clichés); so I kind of lost interest after 10 episodes.

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