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Evening all,

Am currently taking intermediate beginner Mandarin Chinese classes in the Confucius Institute in UCD, and was wondering if anyone else currently learning the language was interested in organizing a monthly conversation group in a pub in the city centre to meet up frequently and try out our Chinese in a relaxed enjoyable setting. My ideal setting would be a group of 8 or so meeting up for an hour and talking only in Chinese while either talking about current affairs or while playing cards etc? Also, we could invite fluent Chinese speakers too just to help the group with their language skills.

I've partaken in similar groups for Irish and it's a great way to improve your spoken skills and your confidence in naturally communicating in the language!

DM me if interested.

Bob24 Registered User

You might want to look at this Facebook group:

Meet-ups are not the frequent but are organised regularly. All levels welcome but one thing I find is that for someone who is more than beginner but far from fluent (like I am), the discussions quickly drift to using English as passed the usual introductions it is difficult to have a more elaborate discussion using Chinese.

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