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Welcome to the Farming & Forestry forum! The purpose of this forum is to provide a general forum for discussions of a farming or forestry nature, along with general queries and exchanges of people's experiences. Debate and discussion are part of the natural flow of this forum, as is a certain amount of banter and back and forth from time to time. But remember that youngsters sometimes make their way to this forum, so try to keep that in mind when posting.

On a related note, we would like to thank all posters for their input and their patience in the recent Healthcheck thread, and for working together towards making the F&F forum a better place.

We value all the posters who make this forum what it is by sharing their experience, knowledge (and wit), and we would be delighted to welcome back any posters who have previously contributed to the forum and no longer do so - their contributions would be valued as always.

So, new and not-so-new posters alike, feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us something about yourself, where you're from, what kind of farming you engage in, whether you are single and have road frontage, or just feel free to say hello.

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Genghis Cant Moderator

Maybe I'll get the ball rolling.
Part time farming, Suckler cows with heifers to beef. Full time public servant.
I'm about here a fair while but changed clothes earlier this year. If anyone didn't notice the username change they can PM me, but I doubt it's of any great consequence
I usually try to be helpful here. I don't have an agenda, nor a party line. But I can't help myself sometimes with my attempts at humour.
Oh, and I'm an Offaly man.
Esto Fidelis

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simx Registered User

full time farming here, used to be all suckling, more finishing animals now, mainly freisians (poor mans cattle) though, ....hope to go milking in the next couple of years, whether thats a good idea or not time will tell, do more studying on here than posting and have learnt alot, kilkenny man, and despite ye all probably thinking i have some of the best land in ireland let me assure ye i dont , thats about it

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bogman_bass Registered User

Meath man here.
Part-time suckler to beef. Took over the farm last April. Farm was dairy up to 6 years ago.
I've started dabbling in pedigree parthenaise breeding.
Macra member and highly involved with that.

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stanflt Registered User

Meath man here also
Do a small bit of dairying
And rear a few young dairy stock and bulls also

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Reggie. Registered User

Westmeath man here.
Work full time off farm.
Part time dry stock farm. Into my masseys and machinery in general.

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Parishlad Registered User

Time to get someone in from the West side of the country!
Clare man.
Part time suckler to store having taken over the farm about 2 years ago.

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Farrell Registered User

Bordering the 3 Provinces, Hard to know which as spend allot of time in each.
Work Full-Time, & Farm Part-time (Hobby as some say).
Have a few Sucklers to Weanling / Store & a few sheep too.
Enjoy the Boards as lots of experience here & lots in similar boat, plus odd witt.

Coonagh Registered User

Kildare man here, farming full time and in my second year of dairying, really enjoying it so far. I still have some beef cattle left and hope to convert these into dairy stock later this year. I'm also tillage farming but that's just a stop gap until I convert that to a grazing platform. I've been reading on here for a long time and decided lately to become more involved!

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blue5000 Moderator

Full time farming, suckler cows, finished bulls to beef (ouch) this yr. Some tillage also bit of forestry on the bog. My motto is KISS keep it simple, stupid.

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Young farmer. Only at the start of my game. Some say I'm I'm looking for too much too quick. I say I'm ambitious.
Born and half raised in Wicklow......don't know what Wexford has done for me

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Young lad aswell. Full time with sucklers on the Wild West coast in Clare. Here under a new guise, if ye haven't me figured out already I'll let ye stay guessing

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rushvalley Registered User

Another Clare lad here.
Keep a handful of sucklers.
Probably one of the youngest posters on here so I read more than I post as I've fcuk all knowledge to share. However I've learned a lot in the few months I'm here so hopefully the forum stays going strong.


I suppose I'd better introduce myself

North West suckler herd with my father, I tend to edge for blues and blondes, he's more of a Lim fan. Only part time but like to breed top end animals and show them when we can. Again as above, fairly young farmer but I am learning as I go.

Unfortunately I have a tendency to injure myself off horses, cliffs, high heels etc, etc.
And hey mike, who needs road frontage when you're as lovely as me!

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Galway man here , working off farm fulltime and part time farming with sucklers and a few drystock . Always dreaming of going farming fulltime but as time passes that seems to be put on the back burner

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