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First of all, apologies for my late post. (especially when you see it...)
Life has been busy recently so the Cooking Club slid under the radar.


I got it from a book of paleo slow cooker recipes but like any recipe, it's evolved in response to local ingredients / laziness of the cook / amount of paleo dedication going on.

You all still have your slow cooker from Spark's Pulled Pork recipe, right?

Now, trust me on the coffee. I don't know much fancy cooking words but the coffee really works. It adds depth, I think. Or something. Just DO IT.



2 1/2 lbs beef pieces (the nice cheap ones(

Not Meat:

1 medium onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tbsp butter for sautéing (or oil. or ghee if you're going all the paleo way)
tin of tomatoes + about 2-3 tomatoes chopped and deseeded.

Spices, etc.
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup honey
Chilli pepper in the format of your choice. I used chipolte in adobo!
1 tsp smoked paprika
cube of fresh ginger
1/4 cup espresso or a 1/2 cup of strong coffee
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsps chili powder

So, in the recipe, you'll need to add the chilli when appropriate for your format. I added the adobo just before the tomatoes to let it get nice and fragrant for a moment.

1) Sauté the onions in over medium heat, until translucent, chuck in the garlic.
2) Add tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes.
2.5) The original recipe said to puree the mixture. I didn't and didn't really notice much different. S'up to you.
3)Add the rest of the ingredients. (except the beef)
4) Give everything a good stir and cook on a low heat for about half an hour. It'll thicken up and go a nice browney-red.

Meanwhile... in BeefTown

5) Brown the beef in a clean pan. Until it is brown.

6) Once your beef is brown and your sauce is all nice.

7) Go on, give it a taste. It's your chance to adjust it. ... sure add more chilli, what hard could it do? Once when I made this, actually, I was tasting it and thought "that's a bit sharp. It needs .. something." I was drinking a can of coke at the time and figured "why not?" Added about half a can of coke. The sauce was amazing. True story.

8) Put the beef in the slow cooker, throw in a few ladles of BBQ sauce until it's covered, put the cooker on low, and leave it to it.

9) Go away for 6 or 8 hours.

10) Come back and eat it with the remaining BBQ sauce. Also some rice if you're not doing the paleo thing. Or it's really good in a burrito if you're REALLY not doing the paleo thing.

Nom nom.

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ibarelycare Hosted Moderator

No duck this time?

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Malari Registered User

Adding this to my "when I get a slow-cooker" list of recipes!

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Moody_mona Registered User

This sounds great, will put it on the weekend menu!

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reallyrose Hosted Moderator

ibarelycare said:
No duck this time?

The duck is on holidays.

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Faith Mary Berry is my idol

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The Black Oil Registered User

With the knife
In the kitchen

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emaleth Registered User

I think I'll be doing this at the weekend - if anyone's interested, Troy's butcher down on Moore St in the Big Smoke has shin beef off the bone for €6.99 a kilo.

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hdowney Registered User

Ooh I really like this. me thinking perhaps for Saturday or Monday. Excellent.

hdowney Registered User

question. how many greedy folk would this feed?

reallyrose Hosted Moderator

hdowney said:
question. how many greedy folk would this feed?

Beef volume / appetite.

It's pretty filling. I got about 4 meals from it.

hdowney Registered User

I gathered that today when I asked the butcher for 2 and a half pounds of beef and he handed me half a cow chopped up !!!!

It's gonna be mega filling

I also bought hunny for the first time EVER!

Mrs Fox Registered User

OP, do you think lamb would work well with this recipe?

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Mrs Fox said:
OP, do you think lamb would work well with this recipe?

I think it would be ok. If I were using lamb, I would decrease the amount of chilli and knock up the honey to make a more sweet BBQ sauce. I'm open to opinions!

Make sure to use some tough ass lamb though.

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juke Registered User

Been off the radar for a while - but hope to get back to recipes after next week. This will definitely be on the list.

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