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Scroobius Pip.

Where the main characters of A Christmas Carol and Great Expectations become one of these rapper singers.

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boneyarsebogman said:
So my friend has issued me with a challenge. Bit of back story first:

Two years ago I was going to a concert and a friend tried convincing me that the gig was cancelled. When I got there, I approached the semi-famous rapper, Scroobius Pip, to get some revenge on my friend, we'll call him X, and asked Pip to sign something for me, which he did:
"To X,
You're a c*nt,
So says,
Scroobius Pip."

My friend was delighted that I got something signed for him, but not so much the message.

Fast forward to this weekend and there's another gig of theirs on that I didn't go to, but my friend did. Low and behold I receive a notification on Facebook that I'm tagged in a video, entitled Sweet Revenge.

It was a video of him with Pip and my friend, with him calling me a c*nt.

It's my turn, AH; I have 2 years to get my revenge. What should I do?

Cut him. Sleep with his mom and sister. Go for a poo in his garden. Ring his boss and tell him lies about sexual stuff he's done. Stalk his girlfriend. Eat his dog. Key his car. Make him suicidal.

It's a pity it has come to this but we are where we are and I'll be over in an hour with all the details of our plans. It's gonna be an interesting few months ahead for all of us.


spcw said:
Cant Believe I get to do this ***** *** **** ****

That's a yellow card offence around these parts. Delete. Delete. Delete.

LETHAL LADY Registered User

I opened this thread hoping I could offer your boneyarse some solace, alas I'm useless at pranking OP.

Liamalone Registered User

Get some catering clingfilm and wrap his house from top to bottom in it. That'll teach the sod!


It's about rappers so get some minge out of Mountjoy to call him a ****. Same difference. Now **** off.

Wabbit Ears Registered User

Liquidise raw fish and suck up into a turkey baster. Peel back the rubber trim on his car door at base of window with a knife tip and squirt in fish mash.


Evil grinning and cackling optional.


CJC999 said:
Ah balls, I thought you lost your friend and were asking people to help you find him. Disappointed.

I was nearly going to sticky the thread and all

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Corvo Registered User

Who the feck is Scoobydoo Pips?

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Corvo said:
Who the feck is Scoobydoo Pips?

He's a friend of snoopy the doggy dog

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I'll call your friend a cunt if you want.

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clairek6 Registered User

Roose said:
Shut up.

I'm telling

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tightropetom Registered User

spcw said:
Cant Believe I get to do this Bxxxx Hxx Wxxx Pxxx

Aye that'd be a yellow cardable offence, but I pray the mods will appreciate that this is one of those rare occasions where the comment was actually warranted and appropriate and grant clemency!

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jane82 Banned

Corvo said:
Who the feck is Scoobydoo Pips?

When he says hey you shall not say ho.

PizzamanIRL Registered User

Do something original. Don't copy anyone's prank.

How about go to a basketball game and set it up at half time so that your friend gets picked from the crowd to make a shot from half-court blind folded for €1,000,000. Get the crowd to cheer like mad, pretending he made the shot and making him think he won.

Don't think that's been done before.

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