BrownFinger Registered User

First bits of the DK cab arrived today!
Only small but Its a start,
I'm pretty much going to be getting a cab in the post

If any body spots any DK cab related stuff for sale let me know.
I have most stuff sorted but you never know.
I'm getting a few original bits that are a bit rough with a view to getting better condition or repo parts in future.

Im not going to pretend its an original cab so using repo stuff isnt an issue.
I just want it to be 100% cosmetically!

More to follow!

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TechnoFreek Registered User

Great stuff Dave. Cant wait to see photos.

ghostchant Registered User

This is my dream arcade cab, looking forward to seeing pics!

Jack burton Registered User

Yeah looking foward to seeing how this works out.

BrownFinger Registered User

The loot so far
Repo side art

Stick (short zippy) and Jamma harness

And I got this few random bits of coin mechs,original 25c mechs!
missing a return button and the coin return thing.
Have a coin return thing coming from mikes arcade.might have to make a button out of aluminium.unless I get complete mechs are available but pricey so I'll just go with the plates for the moment.

Got a bit of work done on the plates.Not sure what finish to leave on them.
left one is sanded and sandblasted.
Middle is sanded and polished.
The originals are a brushed look.Brighter than the sandblasted finish and duller than the polished!

I might leave a polished one out in the rain and see what happens.

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o1s1n Registered User

Nice! I really like that coin slot with all the coin insert scratches, bags of character

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Optimus Prime Roll Out...

Cant wait to see how this turns out, My no1 cab too. the artwork on them is just amazing. ill never get my hands on an original so settled for a DK "themed" one instead, but i cant wait to see the finished product here.

BrownFinger Registered User

So work continues.
I drew out the sides of the cab in cad (in metric) based on the jackobud plans.rumor has it his plans are too wide so will wait til I have the bezel and marquee before I even consider buying wood.
Anyway decided to laser cut out the sides (from cardboard)to make a stencil and get an idea of the size and........

I have half a carboard DK cab!
With side art

Its quite tidy actually.
On to the monitor.I was looking for something in the garage and found some transistors/diodes.I had ordered them ages ago and they were for a polo.
So in a moment of madness I pulled out that polo chassis I had.The one that was blowing fuses like a mad yoke.
4 new diodes in the rectifier and changed out the HOT transistor and another transistor (no idea what it does) and It sprung into life!
Well just about

There was blue fire coming from the Lopt.
with the screen flashing white the odd time so a new lopt is needed.
I bit the bullet and ordered one.40e via PM
Better be 100% perfect after that.

checked the monitor for fitment in the cab,looks good.should have plenty of space.Not sure of the correct angle yet.

(note my bitching cow skin rug )

more to come!
(and yes,I am considering a full size carboard mock up )

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The Last Bandit Registered User

Ya can't beat the cardboard mockup Nice cat.

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o1s1n Registered User

I feel obliged to warn you that cardboard will not support a monitor. Just in case you get any crazy ideas

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CathalDublin Registered User

Looks good, great news on the polo, they are a nice monitor.
Cardboard mockups are great, had one of my kitchen before I decided to extend it, was there for about 2 weeks lol

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BrownFinger Registered User

Yeah the polo should be the muts nuts in it!
I brought the tube into work today.
Have it stripped downed and cleaned.Getting one of the lads in work to paint the frame.
Its looking fresh.
I pulled my garage apart looking for the remote board last night.Ended up being in the first place I looked
At least the garage is cleaned up a bit!

Here it is before cleaning/painting

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BrownFinger Registered User

And with a bit of elbow grease and some primer and paint!

(Invalid img)

Almost minty!There is a metal band around the tube itself that I didnt get painted.Too dodgy paining it while the frame was off the tube.
I might do it.I might not.
Also mocked up a bezel.not a bad fit,but not perfect.
Fairly hard to draw the shape of the tube in cad.

I hope I get the flyback later or tomorrow so I can keep the ball rolling.

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TechnoFreek Registered User

Whay did you use to clean the dyst and grime off the tube? Looks immaculate now.

BrownFinger Registered User

It was mostly loose dirt tbh.
I used compressed air and then wiped it with a chemical we have in work called heptane (nasty stuff!).Then wipe again with kitchen roll and there ya go!
Gave the frame parts a quick blast of the orbital sander to get the rust/flakes off and again degreased with the heptane primed and painted.

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