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I'm sure many of us crossed paths. I too was in Kevin Street in the early 90s, and spent most Saturday mornings at the arcade in the Sports Bowl, money or no money. Quasar used to have a league there too weekend mornings which was great craic.

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When Leisure plex in coolock first opened it was great, downstairs eventually had some great early 3d games like ridge racer and Virtual Racing and virtual fighter, up stairs had R-Type 2, Tumblepop, Street Fighter 2, Konami X-men, crackdown, A Neo Geo multi system with FATAL FURY, Bowling, a Baseball game and Robo Army.

Barneys in Dublin was a bit grubby but it was where I first played Street Fighter 2 and Mutant Fighter which was a terrible game but it had fantastic graphics and sound design.

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I went to Dundrum Bowl to play Q-Zar and their Aliens cab a couple of times.

But otherwise it was the arcade on O'Connell St, down where Marathon Sports was/is, Dr Quirkies probably came a little later.

I used to love Stunrunner and Temple of Doom there.

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