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MIC and TOWIE stars rumoured as is Katie Price, Ricky Hatton, Dappy, Jim Davidson, Kate Hopkins and Justin Lee Collins for the new series which starts 3rd of January

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The bottom of the barrel must be worn away considerably by this stage, so.

In other news, the unlikeable Iain Lee has been promoted from panelist to presenter alongside R*l*n on Bit On The Psych, while Carol McGiffin - who isn't much more likeable - joins the panel.

And the house has been turned into a stately home. How unoriginal - and ironic, too.

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So if rumour's are to believed the following are walking in tonight:

Spoiler (Show)

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Anyone notice Dappy's posh accident creeping in?

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Ooooh Dappy...

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There hasn't been much buzz surrounding this series at all but it's really hit the ground running. Jasmine Waltz getting her boobs out on the first night and offending Lionel Blair with her talk of using her fingers on men (I won't go into it any more than that!), Dappy being a general creep and talking about the size of his penis constantly, and Evander Holyfield's controversial views on homosexuality which I imagine will be on all the gossip websites tomorrow. This could end up being a big series for Channel 5.

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Yeah in fairness it's been a good start. The handcuffs made for some decent drama. Jasmine is a nutter! Hopefully they don't lose the run of themselves and keep it relatively simple.

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Dappy actually makes me queasy, the way he carries on is just so disgusting.
He'd be getting a swift kick in the boll** if he came near me the way he approaches Jasmine.
She seems to accept it though. Still vomit inducing.

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Yeah I have to agree so far this series has been much better than recent ones, at first I wasn't too sure as I had no idea who most of the celebrities were but that doesn't really matter.
Linda is the only one I want out at the moment, she's fairly boring.

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All seems pretty horrible/creepy at the moment.

Hard to pick a winner at this stage anyway.

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mdwexford said:
All seems pretty horrible/creepy at the moment.

Hard to pick a winner at this stage anyway.

It is the most sex fueled celeb series yet. It's actually more reminiscent of the civilian series' from the Channel 4 days, I sometimes forget it's actually a celeb version I'm watching!

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in fairness it's basically the "civilian" version, definitely the least "celebrity", so not too much of a shock this lot are willing to do anything for attention.

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Casey coming across as a bunny boiler

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Just caught up with this series last night - wow!

Lee is such an utter bell end! Hilarious stuff.

Definitely one of the better CBBs so far, they've really put together the perfect combination of people this time around. Although it's hard to call a winner at this stage, I'd say Ollie and Sam will almost definitely reach the final this year.

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