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The short overall length of it, ie between the outermost parts of front and rear tyres, would be an advantage in parking it inside an apartment or carrying it onto the Dart train, or maybe parking it temporarily inside the foyer that banks and some shops have. Small wheels are not as good when it comes to bumps and potholes though. It would have a niche as a decent city bike.

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That bike (a steel full suspension supermarket type bike with *lots* of extra bits of frame, you know the type) is, admittedly, not a handsome beast. However, to give it some credit, it has got to be at least 20 years old and it is in tremendous condition for the type of bike that it is. Normally this kind of bike would be mostly rust at this point, but everything looks like it could work. It has some signs that it has been used, but also that it has been maintained and kept dry somewhere. Having said that, the price is not that far off what you'd pay for one new, the front tyre is on backwards, and, as is fitting with this thread, it's pig-ugly.

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POC Helmet-Glasses combo.....Pretty much the worst looking I think I've ever seen (apologies to Lawson, I'm sure he's a lovely fella)

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Even Angela thought the seat tube was hideous...

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