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That Slave owner in Roots sounds a bit Irish, we don't like to talk about those kind of emigrants.

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A quick check of the BBC genome website indicates that TOTP moved to Wednesday the following week because "A Song For Europe" was broadcast on Thursday 23rd March

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Depeche Mode Live in Berlin Delta Machine Tour is on Sky Arts atm.

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Hi there, BBC Four have a bit of a Bruce Springsteen night on Friday. The main Doc is a HBO offering which was on TG4 last May, but I don't think it has been on the BBC before now (not certain about that). Elsewhere The Rhythm Pals return to TOTP to introduce a live performance by Orange Juice and a video by David Bowie. The Grammys is repeated, where Bowie won some awards this year for the first time ever. Great timing, lads ...

11.25pm Other Voices (RTE2)
Conor Oberst, Kojey Radical, Lisa Hannigan, Carson McHone, Overhead and the Albatross perform on the music show, presented by Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and May Kay

7.30pm & 12.55am Top Of The Pops 1983 - March 23 The Rhythm Pals John Peel and Kid Jensen introduce performances by Joboxers, David Bowie, Orange Juice, Leo Sayer, Altered Images, Duran Duran and David Joseph. Full details here

9pm Great American Rock Anthems: Turn It Up to 11
Huey Morgan presents the story of some of the greatest US rock anthems that emerged during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. A distinct sound evolved from blues and early metal, featuring loud drums, distinct guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, which produced a storm of feel-good tunes. The film focuses on tracks including Alice Cooper's School's Out, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer and Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. With contributions by Dave Grohl, Toto, Foreigner and more

10pm & 1.35am Bruce Springsteen: The Hands That Bind New-ish!
The singer looks back on the making of The River, the double album he recorded with the E Street Band in 1980, which was followed with a successful tour. He provides his personal account of the events that inspired the album and the influence of his own working-class roots, and plays acoustic versions of some of the tracks featured on it

11pm & 2.30am Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Live from the River Tour 1980
A concert by the singer and his group recorded in 1980, from the tour to promote double album The River, filmed at the ASU Activity Center in Phoenix, Arizona in front of an audience of 10,000. The show opens with the title track from The River, and also features renditions of Jungleland, Hungry Heart, Cadillac Ranch and You Can Look

11.55pm Bon Jovi in Concert
A 2013 concert from the intimate confines of the BBC Radio Theatre, in which Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres perform classics from six albums across their band's 30-year reign. Songs include Slippery When Wet, Crush, Have a Nice Day, Lost Highway and The Circle as well as material from their album What About Now, newly released at the time of recording

11.30pm Top Of The Pops 1983 - March 23rd
Same as Friday

12.05am Rock n Roll America Part 1/3
Sweet Little Sixteen Documentary examining the most important era in the history of popular music - the birth of rock 'n' roll. The opening programme focuses on the origins of the sound in 1950s America when the rhythm-driven mix of blues, boogie woogie and vocal harmony was nurtured by small independent record labels and championed by young music pioneers such as Fats Domino and Little Richard. This episode also looks at the start of Elvis Presley's career in Memphis and examines the impact the film industry had on the rock movement. Contributors include Tom Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis and Don Everly

12.30am The 2017 Grammy Awards
Highlights of the music awards ceremony hosted by James Corden at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, recognising the best recordings, compositions and artists of the year. With performances by John Legend, Metallica, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban

1.05am Rock n Roll America Part 2/3
Whole Lotta Shakin' The mid-1950s saw Elvis Presley made his TV debut with Heartbreak Hotel, following it with a gyrating version of Hound Dog that outraged the conservative media. A `cleaned-up' artist was required, and Christian family man Pat Boone sated that need. While Jerry Lee Lewis caused upset with Whole Lotta Shakin and the Everlys shocked with Wake Up Little Susie, bespectacled geek Buddy Holly calmed things down with his school friends the Crickets. Contributors include Jerry Lee Lewis, Don Everly and Tom Jones

2.05am Rock n Roll America Part 3/3
Be My Baby Examining the era between Buddy Holly's death in early 1959 and the Beatles landing at JFK in spring 1964, when rock 'n' roll seemingly calmed down, went uptown and got spun into teen pop. The genre fuelled the Motown sound in Detroit and sound-tracked guitar instrumental groups on the west coast, such as the Ventures and Beach Boys, as it helped birth increasingly polished pop sounds across the States. Contributors include Jerry Lee Lewis, Ben E King and Chubby Checker. Last in the series

7pm Sound of Song
Part 1/3 The Recording Revolution Composer and musician Neil Brand investigates how songs were recorded for the first time, the listening revolution that followed and the crooner style of singing brought about by the arrival of the microphone. He also looks at the songwriting prowess of Irving Berlin, as well as the interpretative powers of singers Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby

9pm Tom Waits: Tales from a Cracked Jukebox
Profile of the influential and inventive singer-songwriter, whose work encompasses a mixture of musical styles, from blues to Weimar cabaret. The programme incorporates rare archive recordings and interviews, and features contributions from Terry Gilliam, Ian Rankin and Ute Lemper

12.05am Other Voices (RTE2)
Same as Thursday

Jerry Lee Lewis features in that Rock n Roll America Programme. I would love to see his fabled appearance on Aonghus McAnally's Music Panel Show 'The Lyrics Board'.

There's an article here about how they managed to get him on the show, and how he almost walked off it. Worth a look

Sky Arts this weekend mostly recycles programmes that have been on a lot recently, they have something called 'The Classic Rock Awards' from The home of Classic Rock, Tokyo (Friday, 10pm) featuring "performances by Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, Rudolf Schenker, Tesla and Cheap Trick"

Shockingly, Shaun of The Dead isn't on ITV2 on Saturday (although it is on on Friday), but Hot Fuzz is on instead, probably the best film featuring Supergrass playing over the end credits this weekend.

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The Boss!

Rock n Roll!!


Three of my favourite things in one weekend? Somebody up there likes me (this week).

Nice one, Skid. Very nice one!

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Only bumping this because I miss it showing up on Friday nights. Standing by.

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'Boxer Beat'

Guitarist Rob Marche went on to join Earl Brutus

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Welsh Megaman said:
'Boxer Beat'

Guitarist Rob Marche went on to join Earl Brutus

Probably his only appearance on TOTP and he has a sticking plaster on his eyebrow.

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According to a recent Bowie documentary I saw, those Aboriginies in the bar in the 'Let's Dance' video were nearly killed by the bar locals - back then, Aboriginies were seen as the absolute lowest of the low to the Aussies

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"What are you planning for the Zoo Dancers to accompany JoBoxers, Flick?"

"Well its the Boxer Beat, so I thought a few dancers with boxing gloves half heartedly punching would be grand"

"Flick, I think the time for Dancers on TOTP is coming to an end"

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Rip It Up!


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Once again the nuclear apocalypse is invoked (the mushroom cloud in the Let's Dance video).
I do remember it seemed to be quite close back in those days.

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"What are you planning for the Zoo Dancers to accompany Orange Juice, Flick?"

"Well its Rip It Up, so I thought a few dancers with half heartedly ripping pieces of paper up"

"Flick, I told you before...I think the time for Dancers on TOTP is coming to an end"

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Nothing fills a dancefloor like Big Country.

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