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Hi, just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good value gym in Portlaoise, preferably with classes? I'm female mid thirties, and have finally mastered running. I regularly run 5 -7 km and up to 10k but would love to do some classes in a gym that would support this have. I've heard that a number of smaller gyms have opened in Portlaoise but can't find contact details. Any advice / recommendations welcome!

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There are a good few gyms in Portlaoise luckily enough. I'm a member of the gym at the leisure centre myself. I'm not sure how it compares price wise to others but it has a high number of classes, e.g. spinning, kettle bells, core work, and a good few others, the majority of which are free and good quality imo.

Then you have gyms at the Maldron, the Heritage, and the Killeshin hotels. As far as I know equipment wise they are all decent quality. I'm not sure about classes or prices though but you can check them out.

In terms of smaller gyms, there is a gym across the road from the hospital at the back of the Apple Green petrol station. I know there a high quality kettle bell classes there. I am not sure of the name of the gym though. There is also a place that does TRX suspension training in the clonminam industrial estate where the roll and bowl is.

I think there is also a crossfit gym in this industrial estate too, although I might be mistaken on its location but there is definitely one in the town.

I am probably missing a few but that is the extent of my knowledge on gyms in the area.

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There's one beside McDonald's. everything there from MMA,kickboxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, kettle bells, conditioning classes and female fitness classes. And TRX is coming soon too there

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