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I think, as with a lot of fields of employment, it depends on your employer. In most areas of employment the stigma surrounding tattoos is lessening a bit (bar the hospitality industry but that's a whole other conversation) but it does really depend on who you work for. I'd say ask as many nurses as you can to get a general consensus. I can imagine a small wrist tattoo might be alright. A sleeve definitely wouldn't.

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Hi OP,

I am a midwife and I have palm sized tattoos on the inside of both my wrists. I wore a long sleeved dress to my interview before I started my studies and only once one of my clinical tutors asked me about covering them up. I told her I had no problem doing so, if they could provide me with a clean way to do so - as said already on here there is a bare below the elbow policy and it cannot be done.

I have also got a half sleeve and my new uniforms allow it to peep out but no-one has commented. I've found that the people I look after say nothing unless it's positive, I've never had an issue.

A few other girls in my class had small inner wrist tattoos and I've met newer students with tattoos on their forearms.

Don't worry about it. Do well in your exams and look forward to an exciting career in nursing.

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I wouldnt worry one bit about a small tattoo on your wrist. Im a student nurse and a significant number of my classmates have such tattoos or ones on the back of there neck. None have ever had an issue about their tattoos and have never been asked to hide them.

Those in charge of nurses pay more attention to nail polish and excessive amounts of makeup then the odd visible tattoo.

Im a final year student in a big dublin hospital and have spent another 7 years working in a different large dublin hospital. I dont have any visible tattoos myself but i have talked to 100s of nurses with tattoos and none have ever had any issue.

Long answer short you can of course be a nurse with a tattoo. but for your own good id stick away from getting a sleeve done

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Work in social care sector and have never had an issue being tattooed and I'm half covered. If you want it,go for it.

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I've worked with many nurses who have tattoos. They feel it is a conversation starter with their patients moreso than anything else. You don't need to attend an interview to get into nursing either and you can always cover it up for any interview you have when you qualify with a suit jacket etc. Best of luck.

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I'm a final year student and I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist. I also have a large tattoo on my shoulder blade that can be seen through my tunic. Never had anything said about either. A lot of nurses I've seen have visible tattoos and nearly all the porters in the hospital where I work are covered in tattoos. They don't care as long as you can do your job.

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