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Hi, Anyone have any relatives who remembers British navy ships visiting Cobh in 1945-1946.

I met a man in Uk recently who served on a Minesweeper names HMS Orestes. He told me that he was here for ten months clearing mines after WW2 and how much he enjoyed spending time at Cobh Harbour or Queenstown as it was called then.

I have Googled the name of the ship and Ireland but no information comes up.
Just wondered if anyones still out there that has any interesting memories of that time.

Thank for reading.

who the fug Registered User

It did happen, picture of the vessel is here and confirmation is here

Never heard of it before

Balmed Out Registered User

Its been Cobh since 1920.

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celica00 Registered User

u might have more luck if u post this under history and heritage?

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downwesht Registered User

There was an underwater metal net strung between the 2 forts to stop u-boats too.My grandfather used to barter fish with the British Navy ships for tea,tobacco and flour.

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