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Hi all,

I want to get my PSA licence and was wondering if anybody knows if there are any Door Security and procedures courses running in Waterford private or otherwise? I saw one on Fas but there is no actual information on start dates.

How much do the courses cost? How long after application does it take for the licence to come through? Also if anybody knows how do you sort yourself out for a job afterwards?

Any info would be great,



You will see ads in the paper now and then for the courses, as to getting a job out of it, its a pretty stocked market but get in touch with the guys from SCC or whatever they are called these days.

GameOfGnomes Registered User

I heard nothing back from any of the companies I contacted around Waterford city. Shame on them Fas do not have the funding for the course anymore. I found a reasonably priced course in Dublin though.

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Hi Tiber security Solutions are running a Door & Event Security course in Bagenalstown,Co. Carlow on November 21st.I have done my door and static security Course with him.

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