I will be flying with Malaysian Airlines in two weeks time and Im not sure about everything.

I going with Aer Lingus Dublin-London and Maylaysian Airlines from London-Kuala lumpur-Sydney. Its all the one booking.

There is online check in with Malaysian airlines from 48 hours before the flight departs. I can only check in online with the two flights from London-Kuala lumpur and Kuala lumpur-Sydney.

Do I have to check in with Aer Lingus at Dublin?

Would my bags go all the way through?

I have never been on such a long haul flight with connecting flights and so I dont know the procedure at the airport.

Do I go through security at each airport, Dublin, London, Kuala lumpur?

Its all so confusing.

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You will check in at Dublin with Aer Lingus, who will give you your boarding pass for Dublin to Heathrow (and may possibly be able to issue you the onward ones). If you want, you could check in online for the Malaysian flights if you haven't already grabbed a seat. If you leave it until the airport, and Aer Lingus can't do it, there's a desk in the tranfer area at Heathrow.

Aer Lingus at Dublin will tag your bag, and forward it on to Malaysian at Heathrow. You won't see it again until you reach your destination.

When you get to Heathrow, you'll be advised to take a bus which will bring you to flight connections centre in Terminal 1. There, you'll get on a bus to T4. You'll clear Terminal security again at Terminal 4 and then go to the gate for your Malaysian Airlines flight.

At Kuala Lumpur you just follow the transfer signs also

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