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Hey guys,

I thought I would share my Tonsillitis Cure as it might help some of you out there.

I used to get tonsillitis once every year, and was prone to sore throats many times a year and would take lots of Echinacea and Vitamin C so that it wouldn't turn into a full blown throat infection.

I was strongly considering getting them taken out as I was sick of all the sore throats. I used to think I had a crappy immune system and that was the cause.

3 years ago (I'm 29, female btw), I became a vegetarian.

I haven't had tonsillitis since!

From tonsillitis every single year since I was a child, to zero in the past 3 years! I been to the doctor at all! I'm sharing this in the hope that someone else might give it a try and see if they have similar success. I know how bad it can be, especially for children, being unable to eat as it's so painful.

My GUESS is that red meat or chicken (or both) are the culprit. (I've never been a fish eater).

I still eat eggs and dairy, which is why I point to red meat and chicken, and not all animal protein.

(I saw on some programme recently that red meat can cause illnesses of the ears, nose and throat.... I can't remember what programme it was, but I'm sure there is research out there on this).

Hope this helps someone!


I would be curious to see if it works for others


this is the health sciences forum. also, we don't discuss personal medical situations here. thread closed.

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