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I love Sean nos said:
Was walking past a local playground when I saw something that summed up the hysteria around helmets and especially children for me. Mother and young son approach slowly. Child is on a small bicycle with stabilisers. Bike also has one of those handle sticking up from somewhere behind the seat post, so the mother can push him along or restrain his progress. In other words, he has no chance of falling off unless he jumps, is pushed, or runs over a landmine.

Of course, he's got a helmet on.

Both stop at the gate to the playground. He abandons the bike, takes off the helmet and gives it to the mother. He then hops on a swing and proceeds to swing as high as he could manage. Mother parks bike and joins him, pushing him higher and higher.

The path loops round so I was able to continue watching for a few minutes. Young lad also climbs some bars and has a go on the slide.

No helmet required for any of those activities of course.
This gets me everytime!

My parents were giving out to me for not making my kids wear helmets and I made the playground comparrisson and they "but but but.... *nothing*"

Everyone is convinced cycling is deadly (not good deadly, bad deadly)

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Chuchote said:
Would it be technically possible to have a stickies folder where non-major stickies were corralled?

A discussion for the annual review possibly, but not for here

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