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Don't back-seat moderate
Don't argue with a mod or a mod decision on thread
Be courteous & civil at all times
Do not identify or speculate as to the identity of a poster, not only is this specific to the Chess forum, but it's a site-wide rule {Section 5 Bullet-point 5}
A Mod decision is final, if you disagree with an infraction or ban feel free to take it to the pm level. If your still not happy, there is a Dispute Resolution Procedure you can follow. Don't argue with a mod on thread

This charter is subject to change, please check back periodically to ensure you're aware of the forum rules.

cdeb Moderator

Just in light of recent activity, I said I'd bump this thread so everyone's aware of it.

Many recent posts here have either been not relevant or off topic, or they've been uncivil, or they've been arguing with a mod on the thread.

These aren't rules we wrote for the chess forum specifically - as you can see from the poster, who's not a chess mod, for example.

The rules should allow for proper discussion and debate, which is what we want on here.

If you don't want proper discussion and debate, there are other Irish chess forums you can post on.

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