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Hello, a few of us girls in our running club are interested in saving up for a weekend away abroad to do a half marathon and also do a bit of sight seeing. Just looking for some suggestions..Probably wont be 2014...but just looking for ideas maybe where people have been before etc. will be on a budget..

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although i didn't do it myself, friends of mine did the Nice half few years back & raved about it. it's in april so flights not too bad.
as long as it's not a full, you can be a little more in holiday mode.

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this article here seems fairly good (bit old but nearly all them events are still running)

I've heard the one in The Hague is excellent. If the couple of marathons I've done in holland are anything to go by it should be good. Holland very accessible too flights to Amsterdam very often and trains from the airport are great too

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We are in a running group and have been to a few half marathons abroad. The best value one is probably Barcelona in Feb ( think it was only €15 to enter!)but we've been to Munich, where everyone got a PB! It finishes in the Olympic Stadium which has a great atmosphere. Also went to Oxford in Oct last year and its a fab place for a weekend. Did Berlin too which is very well organised, nice flat course and has free beer at the finish!! It's a great excuse to have a weekend away with the girls, you feel justified by doing the run!!!Amsterdam is where we're going next month, its very flat and also finishes in the Olympic Stadium, so plenty of choices out there, enjoy!!

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