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Candie said:
It's horrific, depraved, repulsive.

Watching a spider spin a web is fascinating.

Spiders are horrific, depraved, and repulsive.

And whether you like it or not, the cruel human experiments which the nazis conducted contributed enormously to modern medicine.

(i'm not condoning or supporting these experiments, I just agree that they were facinating and that spiders are disgusting)

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sebastianlieken said:
Ever read about the radiation exposure one? that one is mad

Group of people were selected to be subject to various tests. Anyway, the group of them are in the waiting room and have been instructed to fill out various forms about medical history etc. for the upcoming tests.

meanwhile they're being blasted with a crap load of gamma radiation to see what would happen.

I believe they were doing it to sterilise the participants.

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The Nazis werent the first and they certainly wont be the last.

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I was always fasci(st)nated by the Nazi space program and how Hitler managed to escape to his secret bunker on the moon.

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hatrickpatrick said:
They pale in comparison to the antics of Unit 731, the Japanese chemical weapons research division during WWII.
Someone once linked me to a film called "Men Behind the Sun" in a thread about shocking movie torture scenes. What has been seen, can never be unseen, and having read about the unit since then it would appear that what's depicted in the film is a sunny picnic compared to the kind of things they actually got up to.

Check out 'Philosophy Of A Knife'

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I didn't get as upset or angry reading that as I do when I hear about animal vivisection...

Walks away...secretly terrified for one's own humanity and perspective :/

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Human experimentation still goes on in parts of the world. Many survivors of North Korean prison camps report prisoners being experimented on and military defectors have claimed that special forces test chemical and biological weapons on mentally handicapped prisoners, including children.

Some of their testimonies are really disturbing.


It is shocking stuff, I rememeber reading about some of the treatments and things that came from the experiments, such as colon cancer treatment, G-force and flight stress tests etc. Most of our medical knowledge on cold and how to reverse or stop affect of extreme weather came from the Nazi experiments.

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Mr. Incognito said:
No more chilling than the Americans irradiating middle american towns in secret including pregnant women to study the effects.

Some of the stuff the Americans done is just beyond belief. It makes Nazi experimentation look almost humane.

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Stojkovic said:
The Nazis werent the first and they certainly wont be the last.
Nope. It wasn't just the Axis at it, and it wasn't just a WWII phenomenon either. The US government carried out a study on 600 black Americans afflicted with syphilis in which they allowed the disease to run its course without intervention, though they were informed that they were receiving treatment. The experiment started in 1932 and ran for 40 years, decades after a simple antibiotic treatment was discovered.

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I have read a good bit of these pages, all i can say is

holy Fück

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OP is listening to a little too much Slayer today


The Japanese were sadistic as be damned. The worst of the worst.

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Werid to think couples who under go IFV today may have had some of the treatments which start in death camps.

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Lots of medical breakthroughs are the result of human experimentation, not that I would condone it at all, however if I was to be saved by a treatment that was developed in this way, I wouldn't be turning it away.

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