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Paddy Power Money back special , refund if favourite doesn't win in any opening day premier league fixtures.

Any do this in shop?
Signs clearly and still do state that its max refund of 50 per customer , per match. I had 6 bets of 50 on this , went back to collect 4 refunds due and they are saying its max refund of 50 per customer, despite me referring to the signs in shop they are saying management has told them they are only to refund 50 per person.

Just to clarify they were 6 totally different bets 1 bet per match on correct score markets and 4 of them triggered a refund.

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The wording was fifty per customer per bet which to me implies you should get your money back but could be ambiguous. This is actually why I left it alone as I thought maybe I had interpreted the terms incorrectly which in your case seems to be what they're saying.

Can you visit a couple of different shops? A pain perhaps but better than losing 150. I did this for Cheltenham last year when they refunded all losers if Sprinter Sacre won. Backed online and in a few different shops. Even got friend to write out a couple of bets so as not to have same handwriting on everything. As far as I remember I even collected all refunds in one shop.

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I actually took a picture of the screen the exact wording was "50 per customer, per match" in fact the same wording was/is still on the screens when I went in, the staff say they know it says that but they are been told not to refund more than 50 to any customers. I placed the 6 bets on the one coupon I used the correct score quickslip so can't go to other shops.

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Ring the Head Office and argue your case. If they still mess you then be brave and object tothe Licence of the shop which will be getting renewed in the next month or so.
It is a 2 minute process at the local Garda Station

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