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Is there a good way of profiling skirting to match wooden flooring to prevent the odd gap between the floor and skirting, especially on long walls.
I want to avoid the beading that is used, and I hate the way that wooden floors may not perfectly level along the entire length of skirting.
Has anyone got a method of planing and profiling skirting to match the subtle contours of the floor?

chinchin Registered User

Hate those gaps too, not the answer you were looking for but, I've used decorators caulk before to fill the gap and then paint the skirting, looks perfect if done well.

tommy2bad Registered User

Cauk is about it, the trouble with profiling the skirt to the floor is that the floor will change a bit over time and all your efforts will be for naught.

North West Registered User

Hi Stoneill
Most timber you buy has a % moisture content in it. That is why some skirting do not fit good, because the timber will shrink slightly leaving a gap. I usually cut the skirting and pin them up for a few weeks and then return and fix properly. If the boards are slightly warped I put a piece of board on top of the skirting and kneel on it to push to floor and then fix.

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sky6 Registered User

The proper way to profile the skirting is to scribe the skirting with a pencil which will show the high and low points. Then using a plane plane it to fit.
It can be slow and tedious if you have a few to do but worth the effort as you will be looking at it for a long time.

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stoneill Registered User

Thanks for the replies - I think I'll be trying the pencil/plane method.

whizbang Registered User

I used draught sealing strip. (mostly was 5mm gaps).
Anymore than that, I found, by putting a long plank end on the skirting and standing on it, I could bend the skirting down to fit the profile of the floor.

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