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Hi all - looking for some general advice and feedback.
Does anybody have their child(ren) in St Brigids National School in Castleknock or Our lady Help of Christians Navan Road - very interested in your feedback.
We are currently renting in Castleknock after selling our house last year. I would settle in Castleknock, however the reality is house prices are still high in this area even for modest 3/4 beds. Much better value on the Navan Road area. My eldest is due to start school Sept 2014 so really need to make best guess of where we will settle, in case we are not in a position to buy in the next year and are still renting.

Ideally, if I could afford Castleknock I would send child to St Brigids (I like that it is mixed, been recently renovated etc), but reality is more likely to afford to buy in Navan Road so do I send her to school there. I would really like to avoid having to move schools (second child due to start Sept 2016).

I am not from this area of Dublin originally, so any feedback from readers on 1) living in either of those 2 areas - good/bad 2) those 2 schools and 3) do I base decision on schools on where we are living at time of enrollment and 'hope' it all works out or where I guess we will be living long term.

Hope it all makes sense, I know I am overthinking this and spent so long selling our previous house and moving out of a 'bad' area I am almost afraid to make a decision now!

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Hey I went to Our lady Help of Christians Navan Road a few years ago ( now in college to give u an idea of when) and i loved it there. I lived in the neighbourhood so all my friends were a 5 minute walk away and i still have fond memories of teachers there. One of whom i'd say had a dramatic impact on me to this day. However i don't live there anymore but have heard it is now very common from friends and even the estate were i used to live there was drug dealing going on there. (don't know if any of it is true though) So look into the type of students in the school before you put your children in it.
hope it helps

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Hi I have children going to all 3 schools in the navan rd and they are all equally as good staff are lovely and cant do enough for the children.I also know people who send their children to brigids and are happy too the only difference is brigids is mixed so ur decision may depend on whether you have boys or girls& would like them together or separate hope this makes sense also I feel its important to send your children to school where you are living as the children are then involved in clubs football dance etc where they meet their friends all the time and it can make it easier for car sharing for activities and also for playdates and as parents you get to meet &know more people as you are all going to similar things there are loads of groups for the children to be involved with in the navan road e.g scouts brigeens dance comhaltas gaa soccor and depending on where you live maybe the added bonus they can walk to and from school when older hope this helps

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