I've noticed that poop seems to be sticking to Toby's bottom, not the fur, his fur is quite short. I've cleaned it off once and he's got more there today. I cleaned it with pampers sensitive baby wipes last time, although I couldn't get it off tonight as he and Felix were sizing each other up and Toby was too edgy to go pulling at him, he gets very anxious when I clean his bottom.

I'm feeding him Applaws chicken kibble with watered down Felix pouches at the moment, as he doesn't trust the Animonda carny food. I've ordered a different grain free wet food to see if he'll eat that instead. I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do for him to stop it as I don't want him getting fly strike and it can't be nice for him to smell it on himself, I'm not sure why he's not cleaning it himself tbh.

SillyMangoX Registered User

I've found this on peach as well, the actual skin part of the bum is always dirty...it's never overly bothered her though. I only ever clean it before we go to a show!

kylith Registered User

Trim the hair around his bum. We have to do it with Tegan.


kylith said:
Trim the hair around his bum. We have to do it with Tegan.

It used to stick to Felix's fur and we trimmed it. Erm, there's no delicate way to put it really, it's like a thin bit of it gets stuck and doesn't come all the way out of his bottom, then sticks to the skin of his bum. I wondered if he might be constipated. I know what we feed him but he's still not here 24 hours a day yet and I'd say he's getting scraps elsewhere too.

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