ktulu123 Moderator

This mod has been around a while & we finally gave it a bash recently. Some hilarity ensued. This is my first evening playing the game. Enjoy!

Were starting to give this a lot more play time now. If ya wana join, you can on our Gaellords.com teamspeak


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MakaDonVeli Registered User

Will be on tomorrow. Was way to tired this evening.

Kiith Moderator

That looks brilliant.

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cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

It's very edgy and a lot of the time people just freak and shoot innocent people. It's hilarious though.

ktulu123 Moderator

Really hilarious craic! Love the paranoid feeling it gives you

MakaDonVeli Registered User

Thought this was pretty funny

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ktulu123 Moderator

My second Trouble in Terrorist Town video. I find myself with a Jihad Bomb Enjoy!

We now have a Gaellords server up and running for this game so feel free to join our teamspeak & play with us. The address is Gaellords.com

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MakaDonVeli Registered User

Gotta love this mod!

MakaDonVeli Registered User

boneyarsebogman Registered User

I love this mod! Been playing it a tonne lately and is pretty much the only reason I bought Garry's Mod and Counterstrike: Source.


Have been running a server for TTT for the last few months. Lots of players at peak. Server is heavily modified though so don't expect vanilla TTT.

server ip is : ttt.an-gn.com

MakaDonVeli Registered User


Anyone here still playing this?

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